Need Some Prayers

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Tara - August 24

I had a miscarriage in June 2005 and I am now 5 weeks 3 days pregnant again. I have been having period like cramping for a few days now, no blood, but cramps are uncomfortable. I hope I dont lose this baby. I believe in the power of prayers and wondering if you could please pray for my little one.


Crys - August 24

I too had a miscarriage in June. My love and prayers are with you and your baby. ;o) xxx


Alison - August 24

Tara I will pray for you and your little one-when is your first scan? Sending you ((hugs)) xxx


MRS.R - August 24

Tara is that you? Oh dear i sure hope that it is just the uterus cramps you get when your pregnant. I will be sending prayers your way.. Take it easy and rest!!!! Hope all goes well. Take care...


Tracy - August 24

Tara- Of courses my prayers are with you-but don't worry yet. I know that the cramping you are experiencing can be perfectly normal. I also know that after a m/c you are looking for every possible sign of something being wrong with this pregnancy. Please try and relax and take good care of yourself and let us know how it's going.


Cabbie - August 24

Tara, I'm thinking and praying for you. My best friend just found out that she is pregnant. She is 5 weeks and 2 days. She is experiencing cramping right now as well. With both of you being so close in pregnancy time, I think that this is probably normal cramping that I can remember having with my two successful pregnancies.


Tara - August 24

Mrs R, yes its me I feel like lately I have horrible luck when it comes to pregnancy! My cramps were period like last nite I wasent in horrible pain, but very, very uncomfortable I had to keep changing positions to try and get comfortable. This morning its feels like Ive been kicked in the stomach my tummy is even sensitive to touch. I cant pinpoint a side its my whole stomach that feels awful. I remember having sharp ligament pain with my two healthy pregnancies, but my tummy feels sensitive like the day after my D&C, I sure hope this is normal and Im just over reacting, but I am so worried of going through another loss. Thanks for the prayers and I am praying for all of you wonderful women.


Kim - August 24

Hi Tara, Firstly congratulations on your pregnancy! It is so exciting, though I can imagine tempered with fear and anxiety after having been what you have been through. Let me just say that it is a good sign you are not bleeding. With my m/c the doctor had told me that just one or the other (bleeding/cramping) on its known is not as alarming as both at the same time. How soon can they get you in for an ultrasound to ease your mind? I am praying for you right now and wishing you all the best for this baby. I have heard so many women talking about cramping early in pregnancy, it does not necessarily mean anything is wrong. DON'T PANIC YET! We're all thinking of you - let us know what you find out from your doc. Love and hugs.


gab - August 25

i will pray for you and your baby. i know how scared u must be right now. try to relax. best wishes


Tara - August 27

Hi, the cramping is a little better.I never had that with my last 3 pregnancies. I heard too as long as your not bleeding/ cramping at the same time everything should be ok, but my last pregnancy was a missed miscarriage and I had no signs of miscarrying. Its an emotional rollercoaster getting pregnant after a miscarriage. Everything you feel or lack of feeling sends you running to the bathroom to check and see if your miscarrying. I dont want to get my hopes up in case of another loss, but each day is going by so slow.I have an ultrasound on September 6 and Im really nervous I will be 7 weeks .I pray for healthy future babies for all of us!


Alison - August 27

Tara I'm glad the cramping is a bit better-I know how hard this is but 6th September will soon be here. I know the days just seem to drag in these early weeks it is as if time gets slower and we just want to get past these weeks and see a healthy scan-I am praying that you will be on here posting after your scan of how exciting it was to see your little baby -though they will be tiny at 7 weeks! Saying that though my first and third miscarriage when I was scanned the baby had died a couple of weeks before the scan and only measured 7 1/2 weeks, and the pictures of them were really clear even at that size. I'm sure once you see your scan you will feel a bit better, but I know these coming weeks and months will not be easy-Tell yourself that in a few months time you will have a bump starting to appear, and you will start enjoying your pregnancy. You are in my prayers Tara-lots of ((hugs)) xxx


crisy - August 27

Hi Tara. I will pray for you and for your little one. God Bless you both. They say that when two or more people pray in our Lord's name miracles happen. Stay off your feet and keep the faith. Sometimes the cramps are d/t the round ligaments that are stretching. You and your baby will be in my prayers. I'll pray to our Holy Mother Mary to keep you and your baby safe. Take care and God bless you.


KimD3 - August 27

Tara, You and your little one are in my thought and prayers, get lots of rest. Take Care .Kim


Tammie - August 28

Iam praying for you and your precious baby growing inside. I also have had MC and prayers plus a strong support group help.


Nicole - August 28

Tara it looks like we are kind of in the same boat. I had my m/c in July and I am 6 weeks pregnant. How are you feeling? Has the cramping stopped? When are you getting an Ultrasound? I had one on Friday everything looked good but no heartbeat yet. The Dr wants me to come in next week. I would love to hear about your progress. What comforts me is the amount of women on here that conceived shortly after their m/c and have healthy happy babies. Keep positive thoughts. I know the feeling of not being able to get excited. I actually feel like I am just waiting to start bleeding. We just have to tell ourselves to be positive.


Tara - August 30

Thankyou for all of your prayers! I am praying everyone of you. You women are so wonderful and your words are so helpful.Having my last miscarriage was a horrible experience, but it was nice that I can talk on this site to really great women that are going through the same thing. You ladies have given so much strength I cant even describe it. I believe in prayers and it has worked for me when things were going so wrong. My cramping has gone and Im feeling really hungrey and b___sts are sore off and on. Im so worried about every symptom and lack of symptoms its almost driving me crazy. I get really attached to the baby as soon as I find out Im pregnant, I even tried to not let myself this time, but Im already in love with that little tiny bean inside of me. I think its our mothering instincts to love our babies no matter what. Nicole, congrats! I know they say 6 weeks is hard to pick up a heartbeat. Did they do a v____al ultrasound? I have my first ultrasound on September 6 and Im am so scared. I will be 7 weeks and I sure hope everything looks good.we have a lot in common let me know how your next ultrasound goes. Im really praying for your little one as well!I have been reading a lot on the internet about miscarriages and eventually most women go on to a healthy baby, even women who have had a few. I have a full sister that my mom and dad gave up for adoption because they were teenagers when they had her and didnt realize they would get married someday and have me. She just wrote me after hearing of my loss and told me she has had several miscarriages and now has 3 beautiful children .I pray all of us will have babies to hold and give lots of hugs and kisses too and be sharing stories of thier first words.


Nicole - August 31

Tara, Yes the did a v____al ultrasound. They said sometimes at 6 weeks they can see a heartbeat and sometimes they can't. I don't think I am that far along. I am going back in on Friday for my second one. At this point if they don't see anything they I think I will give up hope. Good luck to you. Please let me know what happens.



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