Need URGENT Advice Regarding Ovulation After Miscarriage

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Tory1980 - July 10

baba123, all sounds good with that plan. Doctors here are funny about doing hCG tests. i had one done a few weeks ago but it was because I was having an x-ray over my pelvis and they insisted on knowing that I wasn't pregnant first. I hadn't had a period in 15months but she showed a few days ago afterall anyway. The tests at doctors need high amounts of hCG to show + so you make still have some of the hormone left - enough to delay ovulation but not high enough to show test if that makes any sense? To be honest I see no reaon in needing to wait if both you and hubby are happy to go ahead and try again. Can I ask though - what is your real name?


baba123 - July 11

HEEEELP!!! it seems like i have ovulated now i did a pg test this morning and it was -negative and after that i did a ovulation test and it has come out positive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . what shall i do??? the problem is that we bd yesterday and my dh did insist on unprotected x as he believed OV could happen anytime, but like an idiot, i told him it was too early and now im worried as he was right and since we had X yesterday, his sperm count might be low. i want to ask how long does the egg last [waiting for the little swimmers??? how long does it take for the sperm count take to build back up?? my dh as a good sperm quality. is there any thing we can do like eat or drink something to help our little swimers get to the destination quickly??? i am willing to try anything.


baba123 - July 11

I'm sorry for posting again, but i'm not sure if the actual test result is positive for sure. The reason i say this is because to have a positive the test window (square) has to be the same as or darker than the control window (round). I'm not 100% sure as to me, the test window is slightly lighter than the control window, so i'm posting these 2 pictures for you girls to decide:- hxxp:// hxxp:// Also i have had a 0.4 degress temperature drop. This could be because of ovulation or maybe because i woke up at 4.30am and did a bbt test. Any advice will be much appreciated. thanks


Tory1980 - July 11

Okay you need to be attacking hubby as I write! The drop can be signs you are ovulating or about to ovulate. I would be getting s_x this afternoon/ tonight and tomorrow morning (and maybe day after) to have your bases covered, The OPK's I have never used and think they are better for confirming ovulation rather than predicting it. Good luck hon!


baba123 - July 11

hiya tory, thanks for your reply...are you trying to say that the pics are showing a positive?????


baba123 - July 11

i've just gone and bought a clearblue ovulation test which shows more clearly the results with eithier a smily circle face (LH SURGE) or an empty circle (NO LH SURGE). I've tested and it shows the empty circle :-( therefore the previous test must be incorrect. i'm sorry for wasting your time tory


Tory1980 - July 13

baba123, you didn't waste my time hon. The smiley face could show negative if the surge has already pa__sed. Personally I would be buying a BBT thermometer and checking out Fertility Friend (dot) com. This will help believe me. And yes I would have said those tests were positive. If you have any other questions it might be easier to e-mail me if you are up for that. My e-mail is victoria (underscore) carpenter 1980 (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk


baba123 - July 15

hiya tory1980, i've added your email a few days ago onto my msn messenger, but so far i've not had a reply. Did you receive my invitation??? PS. If you have an msn account, then that might be easier to use. spk soon xx


Tory1980 - July 19

Sorry hon! Things have been hectic. MSN is abobodissey (at) hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk. It's my husbands account but I am the only one to use it. Sorry!


mj2angel - March 12

I had to go back and get a transv____al ultrasound done. Before I got my D&E done because my doctor wanted to know how much left over tissue I had from my miscarriage. At first the doctor thought I was pregnant again. So took blood work. I was a ten but went to eight. The doctor did a D&E on me. The doctor told me I will ovulate in the next couple of days. My pain in the b___t wouldn't give me none. He was afraid of infection. I stop bleeding but waiting for my period. My doctor wants me to wait for three cycles before trying.


pinkie12 - March 30

Hi ladies I have a question I had my 3rd mc 2 weeks ago and my levels where back at zero and for the last three days my nipples are really sensitive to touch and even sorer today and I think this has only happened to me once before I think when I was pregnant back in sept but not entirly sure and I am feeling really nausious and my nipples is all lot darker than usuall and bigger and just wondering how soon after mc can you ovalation, can you ovalation stragiht away if your levels are back down to zero as soon as the bleeding stopped we had intercourse right through till tuesday just gone and then yesterday as well could it be too soon to test as not due af for another couple of weeks


mabel88 - August 2

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