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decbaby - May 1

i found out that i have a blighted ovem which is a sac with no baby im about 7 weeks pregnant now and waiting to miscarry as the doc said it is better to try to do it naturely first if nothing happens then he will give me a med to let the uterus contract and relaease the blood then he'll probably have to do a d&C im quite scared of the process and the pain as well as the waiting i have till next tuesday to bleed naturally them he'll give me the med to opt the bleeding, need your support and your experinces to help me get through this, thank you ladies.


K - May 1

I'm so sorry for what you are going through. I went through the same thing. After trying to get pg for 3 years I did, only to have a blighted ovum. I opted for the natural miscarriage. My Dr. also said it was better and there was less chance of scar tissue, plus I hate medical procedures. My Dr. would have given me until somewhere between the 10-12 week mark before he would have done anything unless I asked otherwise. At least for me, it really wasn't that bad- nothing as bad as I imagined anyway. I woke up in the middle of the night with some pretty strong cramping and went to the bathroom. I had the strong cramps with bleeding on and off for maybe 15-30 min. Even though I would call them strong, they weren't horribly bad. Not really worse than if you ate something bad and got a little sick after. After that it didn't seem like anything much more than a period with a little extra cramping/uncomfortable or maybe kind of weak feeling for a couple days. For me, it was much better than the thought of going through the medical proceedure. You will get through it. What helped me was thinking of it not as losing a baby, because the problem with a blighted ovum is that a baby has never developed to begin with. Plus, my doctor encouraged me to think about it as proof that I could get pregnant and that I would again. That helped too. The good news is I got pg again, everything was fine and I have a beautiful dd now. That will happen for you too. Hang in there.


carberrybabymaybe - May 2

hi there...i have had 2 m/c within the past 6 months and now i'm waiting for testing. my first m/c was at 7w4d, there was a low heartbeat then there was no heartbeat. i opted to take the meds to flush out my system since i wasn't already having any m/c symptoms. the meds were HORRIBLE!!! i bled and bled and bled for about 4 finally slowed down after about 4 days but for the first 4 days i pretty much didn't move from my bed. the 2nd m/c i had a d&c because again, no m/c symptoms just a low heartbeat than no heartbeat. i was leaving the country for my honeymoon and the dr said it wasn't good to leave things up there. that wasn't too bad, some mild cramping but again, i bled for almost 2 full weeks. that was probably the worst part. good luck to you with whatever you decide, my dr was good about that, letting me make the decision for what worked for me. like k said, at least you know that you can get pregnant, that helped me. i still have my bad days here and there but i know that sooner or later my time will come and with it being so early they say it's the bodies way of taking care of it so there's no severe problems later. i know it still hurts, but have faith....really that's all you can do


stefkay - May 2

decbaby, I'm so sorry for your loss and I know the waiting is the hardest part right now. It probably is better to let it pa__s naturally, but a d&c is not a bad thing (as long as your doctor performs it well). I would seriously question him on the meds thing though because I've heard horror stories about taking the meds to help the m/c along. ESPECIALLY if he is going to do a d&c anyways I would NOT take the meds. There is no reason to do that and then have a d&c because the surgery would take care of it all anyways. I think I heard that with the meds too that you have to wait longer to ttc...not sure though? Someone else may know better...


decbaby - May 2

dear all, thank you so much for sharing your experiences and your advice it makes a huge difference to me to know that im am not alone, i just cant seem to fight my tears that seem to appear out of no where and im also not sure that my husband fully understands the emotional toll the situation has on me so that makes me feel that i need more support from else where :(


K - May 5

Just let the tears go and get it out. It does get better. It is at its worst right now because you are in limbo. It will still be bad for a while after everything is over, but not like it is right now. It took me about a year to get pg again, and it was really hard when it was around what should have been my due date and I still wasn't pg, but once I got pg and got past the first trimester, that nasty blighted ovum experience is just a thing of the past that hardly crosses my mind anymore. All it (and the 4 year infertility battle) did was make me appreciate dd so much more!


decbaby - May 5

hi K, thank you so much for all your support and your sound advice you have no idea how much hope your story gives me i just cant wait to get this over with and start all over again i cant wait to be pregnant again with a healthy baby im so happy that your story has a happy ending and congrats on your lovely daughter and i hope that you are blessed with many more children who will fill your life with joy just as i wish for all.


MamaHarms - May 5

DECBABY, I know what you are going through....I had my miscarriage in the middle of March (March 13 to be exact) due to a blighted ovum.....I opted to have a natural miscarriage at home..I started cramping pretty bad, but not so bad that I couldn't handle it. Then I started bleeding with large clots (Sorry tmi) The bleeding slowed down after about 1 day and I have been spotting ever since. I am just about ready to call the doctor to see if it is normal to bleed this long. It has been 7 weeks!!!!! I so want to try again and have a healthy pregnancy, but I just can't seem to stop bleeding. There is no pain though, so that is good I guess. Anyway, good luck to you and sticky baby dust to you as well as me!!!


decbaby - May 6

Hey Mama, im so sorry for your loss and i hope that you will be blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby very soon. As for your bleeding i think that it is nothing serious as you say it is mild and painless nevertheless you should definetly consult a doc as soon as possiable just to put your self at ease. how far were you in your pregnancy when you miscarried if you dont mind me asking as im 8 weeks now and still haven't misscarried naturally and looks like i wownt.


Fall - May 6

decbaby, i'm so sorry for your loss. I have done it both ways and there are + and - to both, (having a d&c and letting it go natural). But if I had to go through it again I would have a d&c, less bleeding and pain...I just wanted it to be over with. I got pregnant right after I had a d&c as well. oh, and when I got my d&c I had already pa__sed some blood. I hope everything works out for you. my thought and prayers are with you.


MamaHarms - May 6

DECBABY, I was technically 9 weeks pregnant by the dates, but the gestational sac only mesured 5 weeks, 4days when I miscarried. As far as the d&c vs natural......I am very happy I chose natural. I know there is more bleeding longer, but the chances of scarring are slim to none unless an infection occurs. With a d&C there is more of a chance of least that's what my doctor told me. But I am waiting on the doctor to call me back today, to tell me if I need to come back in since I am still bleeding. Good luck to you.


decbaby - May 7

Thank you fall and mama for your comments and support im schdualed for a d & C on Saturday at 9am and im just a bit worried about it but i hope every thing goes well. Fall you have no idea how happy i was to read that you got pg after your d&c immediaty congrats and you also gave me alot of hope i just cant wait to be pg again with a healthy baby thanks to you all for your continuous support.



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