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Newbie - April 11

I am 13dpo at the very latest. I don't think I have even technically missed my period yet. I got bw done today and my HCG is at 38 and Progesterone is at 36. I go back in a few days for more bw and an U/S. I am so so so scared. Anyone out there have a similar story? Thanks.


MissingDestiny - April 11

So than you are pregnant right? bc if your hcg level is 38 that means pregnancy. I'm not sure if thats what you were asking but anyways Congrats to you and good luck....


stefkay - April 12

That sounds good and your progesterone sounds nice and high too so it depends more now on your follow up betas to see if they double. Congrats!


Newbie - April 12

Hi MISSING: Thank you for responding. I am just checking around to see if anyone had similar numbers to mine. I just want to know if this pregnancy stands a chance. I guess after the 2nd Beta we will have a better idea. :) Hi STEF! Thanks for popping in over here. Thanks for your words of encouragement. You have always been so sweet to me! Do you know of people who have started off with these low numbers and end up having a successful pregnancy? I am so nervous.


stefkay - April 13

I've seen lots of girls have low numbers to start and turn out fine! Personally, I never had a good experience with it, but I don't think it was due to the actual numbers really. I'm crossing my fingers that your next set doubles! I remember a perinatologist I saw once said that ideally they like to see the first number around 100, but that is for like 14-16 dpo and I don' think you are too far off from that.


cloud9climber - April 13

Those are totally normal numbers to have at only 13dpo. It's important that you have another blood draw to see if those numbers double in the next 48-72 hours. In fact your progesterone is really good! <br> Good luck!


Newbie - April 13

Hi CLOUD! Thanks for your response! We'll see what happens tomorrow. Thanks for your kind words. Do you have any kids yourself? This is my second pregnancy--but I don't have any children yet. STEF: Thanks for your words of encouragement. I hope I can get some sleep tonight and not be too nervous for tomorrow. :) How are you feeling? How many weeks left for you? :)


Newbie - April 14

Hi Ladies: Quick Update: Got the first round of bw done on Friday. Today (Monday) HCG: 206. Progesterone: 40. I am excited but still scared. Is it natural to feel so scared and worried all the time?


ZenGirl - April 14

Sam- your numbers really sound great! they are not far off of mine actually!! sounds like it's a sticky one! is your Dr going to do a 3rd beta for your piece of mind??


Newbie - April 14

Hi Jen! Thanks for stopping by in here! :) How far along are you in your pregnancy? (I am so incredibly thrilled for you, by the way!) I have another blood draw and my first u/s next Wednesday. So I wait for more than a week until the next step. Do you think there will be a chance to see something on u/s by next week? I will be somewhere in the 5 week range by then. (I think.) They mostly just want to confirm that the pregnancy is in the correct place--and not ectopic. There is no denying I have cramping though. It constantly feels like my period is coming or is here. Do you feel anything like that as well? I this feeling is normal!


BeckyBunny - April 15

The levels are good, the cramping is normal, and no, they probably won't see a whole lot on u/s. Thickened lining, possibly gestational sac, maybe fetal pole...but maybe not. It's a bit different for everyone, but 5 weeks is a bit early to see anything much. Congrats on your pregnancy. =)



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