New Here Girls Just Had A Miscarriage

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sage122 - November 15

Hi guys I just wanted to tell my story...I've been trying to get pregnant since the begining of the summer and found out in october i was pregnant..I was very excited and couldn't wait to experience pregnancy and motherhood. I started with cramping and then a few weeks later alot of bleeding/clotting started and it turned out to be a blighted ovum-no baby in sack :( was defiently devastating and it's only been a week since I found out and I'm still passing everything..I hope to try again in a few months and am just looking for support/hope..good luck to all you others out there trying agian


Cristal - November 15

Hi Sage. I am also new here. I wanted to let you know how sorry I am that you are having to go through this. I found out I was pregnant in Aug. everything was going as planned. Well at least until we went to our first ultrasound. no heartbeat.... the baby should have been 6 weeks 3 days. I new at that point something was wrong. we waited a week and went in for another ultrasound. no growth and still no heartbeat. my doc recommended that I take these pills. it was 6 pills 1 every 6 hours until they were gone. Ok did that, had some mild cramping then followed by bleeding and clotting. 4 days later I was in so much pain and the bleeding had completely stopped. My doc did an emergency D & E. after that everything seemed to be gone. it was almost unreal. I went for my 3 week follow up yesterday and was given a clear bill of health. Now we just have to wait for 2 normal periods and then we can try again. I am ready now. well all I can say is stay positive and don't be afraid to cry if you want to cry. Make sure to talk about it with your partner or a friend. that is what has helped us be ok with what has happened. Good luck and keep your head up!!! Cristal


larsoe - November 16

Hi Sage, I saw you joined my thread as well. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I guess I was lucky I didn't have to have a d & e but I also didn't know for sure if I was having one. I woke up Thurs morning with cramping and noticed I was bleeding but not heavily. I went in to the doctor, had an exam and she said my cervix was closed which was good but I was still bleeding. I never bled very much though so they couldn't say for sure what was happening. I had blood drawn that day and on Sat and found out Monday that my levels of hormone had significantly dropped and I was no longer pregnant. Worst day of my life. This web site has really helped me though. Hopefully you find it helpful.


jstaley1228 - November 16

Hey, ladies. Sage...I am so sorry. I also had a blighted ovum. Found out at my 8 week appt. at the end of September. I had a D&C about 7 weeks ago. It has been a really hard thing for me. They thought I was going to need another D&C two weeks ago because I was still testing positive. Turns out my levels were/are taking FOREVER to come down so I didn't have to go in for a second procudure. That was a relief but the emotional rollar-coaster of this all has been terrible. I was hoping to finally ttc again this month but my levels are not quite at zero so I'm not sure it's possible yet. I just can't wait to be pregnant again. I've wanted it for so long it's hard to think of anything else. I know how, you are feeling Sage, Cristal and Larsoe. Hang in there will happen for us. Have a great weekend!


OurB - November 16

Don't give up hope girls. i have a 3yr old son and last April (06) I was delighted to discover I was preg. Suffered morning sickness for 10 weeks, stayed off my beloved wine even in France, was tired yet so happy to be preg. Then discovered Id miscarried. Had been spotting on and off for a few wks but it was brown and very light. Just went to get checked out and rea__sured and couldnt quite believe it when the doc said Id had an 'incomplete abortion' - lovely terminology eh? in other words, my baby had stopped growing. I was absolutely torn apart, as was my hubby. I then had to go for an ERPOC and begin to grieve for my lost child. I then became obsessed with getting pregnant again. i couldnt believe that anything would go right when it was so easy for things to go wrong...but they do...and they did and in August I gave birth to my gorgeous daughter. She's perfect, the pregnancy was flawless and all is well. It took me 3mnths after the miscarriage to have a period and another 2 mnths to get pregnant. So 5 months ater experiencing the most gut wrenching occurrence in my life I was preg again and this time all went well. So dont lose hope. Stay positive but dont do what I did - dont obsess - love your partner and just hope that sooner or later lady luck will shine on you. Good luck.x



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