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gagal - June 15

I am concerned about the next time I get pregnant. I just got my AF, so my DH and I will be TTC again. With my blighted ovum, I went to the doctor at 8 weeks and then again at 12 weeks. The doctor tried to hear the heartbeat w/ the doppler at 12 weeks, but could not. So, he sent me for an ultrasound. My HCG levels were never checked. With my next pregnancy, should I insist on an early ultrasound and to have my HCG levels checked?? I am scared that I will go to 12 weeks again & then discover a problem out of the blue!


LC - June 15

I had a similar experience to you....but I found out at 11.5 weeks that my baby died. I had nothing checked and no early ultrasound either. The only reason my doc checked when he did was because i insisted. I had a terrible accident the week before and when they could not find the heartbeat i was terrified. He tried to calm my fears but decided on the ultrasound to make sure the baby was ok. Unfortunately, baby was not ok.... My doctor told me that as soon as I find out the next time I am pregnant they will check my levels and schedule an ultrasound sooner. He said this is routine for him to make sure things are going ok and to help ease the fears of the mother to be. Would not surprise me to hear that most doctors do the same thing.


elyse - June 15

Gagal, i feel the same i had a blighted ovum i went to 12wks but only 5wks gestation on scan.Having the M/C i feel makes you alot more aware of medical problems lets say and more aware of the bad things that can happen during pregnancy which should be the happiest time of your life and if it makes you feel better then ask for the lot all the tests its your right don't be scared share your fears and thoughts with your dr and ask him/her to be honest with you all the time about whats going on i feel honesty is the best option for all i wish i had known then what i know now.take care


Amy - June 15

ELYSE you are so right i m/c may 3 and i'm pg again with no af in between wow all i do is worry i got my levels tested and they were at 64 mon and wed 116 they say that is good so i hope so


Brooke - June 28

I had a blighted ovum diagnosed in April 05. I am currently awaiting my 2nd period. My doctor advised me to wait 2 full cycles until ttc again to ensure that my uterine wall has repaired itself. I am excited that it will soon be time to try again, but at the same time, the closer it gets the more terrified I am at the same time. I am scared of this happening again. I just don't understand it. I am a healthy 24 (almost 25) year old. I stoped drinking caffiene and alchool, began taking prenatal vitamins, everything else you are advised to do prior to getting pregnant, yet I still had a miscarriage. I wish there was some guarentee in life. It is just not fair! Sorry, about that. I guess I am just starting to get a little anxious. I read stories about women having miscarriages and then having a healthy pregnancy in a couple of months time. This gives me great hope, but the very next person will talk about their 2nd or 3rd miscarriage in a row, and I get discouraged again. I try not to think about it so much, but as the time we can start trying again draws near that fear and thought linger in the back of my mind. It is so hard. Life is a very precious thing that no one should take for granted. I guess it is normal to be scared.



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