No Bleeding Miscarriage

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KingSuper - May 25

I think I am having a miscarriage, I had some brown spotting and one red spotting this week. I have also passed small amounts of what looks like whitish tissue. But, this started at the beginning of the week and I still haven't had any sufficent amounts of bleeding occur. Is this normal during a miscarriage? When should I expect for the regular "red" bleeding to happen and the rest of the miscarriage to be flushed out? PLEASE HELP! I have never expirenced anything like this so I'm not sure what to expect...


KingSuper - May 25

Also, I have been expirencing a lot of intense cramping and abdominal and back pain. I have made a Dr. appt for next week (the earliest I could get with out ER) but I can't wait this long for an answer!


kcll - May 25

I know with miscarriages there usually is quite a bit of far along are you?? Are you sure you pa__sed white tissue or would it be fluid as that would be normal. Some spotting during pregnancy is normal but if you have a sudden gush with or without tissue you should get to the ER..


KingSuper - May 26

I am about 4 weeks along. There is some thick fluid, but also what I am sure looks like chuncky white tissue.


KingSuper - May 26

Could it be possible this is a missed m/c? I am again having very horrible cramping but no bleeding. Thanks for everyones help.


josita - May 26

Hello, I am currently going through the real mc after i found out that my fetus stopped growing at 6 weeks and 'died' at about 10 weeks. From there I waited an additional 2 weeks to let it pa__s naturally. If you are having a mc you usually should have intense cramping (so painful that you are doubled over and/or bright red discharge.) Go to the emergency room if you are having these symptoms. It is advisable to get yourself checked out. A missed miscarriage usually happens w.o any symptoms and is found out usually by a us and sometimes woman don't even know about it and have a heavier than normal period. If the cramping is too much to bear, I would advise to go to the ER. I was pa__sing a lot of tissue (and still am) these days and it is NOT white, it is bright red and bloody (sorry if too much information). One more thing, if your discharge is brown, dont worry so much, if it is bright red and you are experiencing severe cramping, then a mc is probably on its way. At the same time, some of the same symptoms that occur with a miscarriage is similar to your body changing due to being pregnant. But again, if the cramping is severe and unbearable, I would definitely go to the ER and not wait for your appt next week. What did your dr say?


nicole33 - May 26

Dear KingSuper - I would say go to the ER and get checked out ASAP, if nothing else than for your own piece of mind if you aren't miscarrying (hopefully the case ;-), and if not so fortunate then you will get the care you need (not all miscarriages can carry through by natural means). At the ER, among many things, they will be able to have a look and tell you if you are pa__sing tissue. Also if you know what your HCG level is (by blood test), they can test you right there and tell you if it has dropped or not. If you haven't had a blood test yet to confirm your pregnancy then they can tell you what your HCG level is now and if it is somewhere "normal" for 4 weeks or if it is very low, which could be an indicator of a miscarriage. Best wishes. Let us know how things go.



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