No D Amp C Performed How Do I Know That My System Is Clean

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Meena - January 25

Hi All.Miscarried couple of weeks back,1st pregnancy 6w3d long.Doc did not do a d&c.I had light bleeding for 3 days and blood and blood clotts being passed out with urine.The night I was admitted in the emergency doc said I was having medium period like bleeding and he also got a tissue and sent it to the lab. Now its been 2 weeks bleeding ..pain etc how do I know that my system is clean and there is not any residue left over?


Laura - January 25

I had a m/c in Sept. I was 6 weeks along also. I was nervous about my body taking care of the cleaning process itself. 6 weeks to the day after my m/c I got a new normal cylce. I conceived immediatly and am 15 weeks along. Good Luck! Take care.


Shawn - January 25

Sorry for your loss. If you are concerned about your system being clean, I would request a HCG blood count. That will let you know if there are still particles of conception that have not been expelled.


Suebee - January 25

Meena, my ob sent me for a t/v ultrasound to check and see if my uterus was empy. And it was.


Susan W - January 25

I was 11 and a half weeks when I lost my 2nd pregnancy on the 15th. My midwife let me go home instead of sending me for a D and C. She said that if there was no sign of infection (odor, discharge, pain, fever) that it would be likely that everything had pa__sed. I still spot sometimes, but I just got off the phone with the midwife and she said that could be from the "scar" where the placenta was attached and that could go on for a couple weeks.


mary - January 25

I also m/c at 6 weeks felt like a reg period but it was a m/c ,also dr checks you with an ultrasound and blood test your hcg make sure they are dropping and was told period should return 4 weeks which it did ,


Meena - January 26

Hi Laura-Shawn-Suebee-Susanw-Mary-->Thanks u all for responding.Today I had my doctors appointment she did collect blood sample and is going to check the harmone level to see if my system has cleared or not .Guys I am posting few questions under heading " Precise reason for miscarriage" , "Irreglar periods prior to conception" and "Thyroid problem" in a short while.I request u all too pls respond and share information .I am kind of upset and have many doubts may be ur help could ease me .Thankyou guys!!


gemini_star1983 - January 26

i had exactly the same situation as you meena. im absolutely terrified my system isnt clean either. me doctor told me if you have an early miscarriage (before 12 weeks) that a d&c isnt necessary. i chose not to have one either. you could always ask to have a scan if you are feeling up to it? take care marie



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