No Period Yet 4 Weeks After Natural MC TMI

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daniellecrotts - January 31

I had a kind of odd pregnancy. I found out I was pregnant on Dec 23 07. Then started spotting 4 days later which eventaully led to bright red bleeding about 4 days later. I called in for an early doc apt. The doctor couldn't find my baby or my right ovaries. And I couldn't remember having a period in nov so they couldnt tell how long I actually was. the following week i went back again to the doctor who told me that i was going through a mc. I refused to believe her so I went to get a second opinion at the local hospital. They told me the same thing. They gave me a blood test and then i returned to my doctor the following week and she gave me a blood test. my hcg was dropping signifcantly in 2 day it dropped from 10080 to 80. Then I went back again the following week and it was a 6. well i havent been to the doctor since. I havent had a period. I'm feeling extremely tired yet I'm waking up everything 3 hr like i did when i as pregnant. I also have some slight nausea. I havent substained from s_x like the doctor asked b/c i know they just want a verifyable due date as I was only 2-3 weeks long, they think. Wasn't really sure since they couldn't date it. Thats just based on my hcg levels. I know its possible I could be pregnant. But Ive took 2 preg test one last week and another the week before. Anyone been pregnant here within just a couple weeks after a natural mc?


daniellecrotts - January 31

Oh Yeah the tests were neg


Tory1980 - January 31

I was. I had a m/c at 6 weeks and fell pregnant straight away with my second child who is now 21months old. Your best bet is to get a blood test done to make sure you are or aren't pregnant.


mrsherzog - January 31

after my mc, my period came exactly 33 days after my heaviest bleed day of mc. that is how long my cycle is. my period was normal and now we're trying again. count the days from heaviest bleed to now and see if you would be close to the day you would have actually expected your period this month



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