No Sign Of Af Please Help

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alexasmommy - June 2

OK i m/c April 18th and still no a/f. I've been through convincing myself that I am pregnant and I'm definetely not. I don't know when to expect my period. W/o my period it's really hard for me to predict ovulation. Anyone else wait this long?? I'm going crazy because I'm absolutely obsessed with getting pregnant since m/c and I want to get pregnant soon. Anyone have suggestions or in the same situation??


alexasmommy - June 3



Julie.N - June 5

Hi alexasmommy, I totally understand how you are feeling, I had m/c april 9th, and just got af the other day (8 weeks after m/c) I was going crazy wanting it to come so we could start ttc. I kept thinking maybe i'm preg again, even though i knew i wasnt, it was really starting to get to me. Then it came the other day and i was so relieved. Hang in there, hopefully it wont be much longer for you now. Have you been getting your levels checked to see how fast they are coming down? I phoned hosp about 4 weeks after m/c and they said they would do levels for me. i had them done every week so i knew how fast they were coming down. good luck!


hcw - June 5

Hi alexasmommy - so sorry for you loss and I know what you mean about waiting for the first a/f - it seems an eternity and you have been waiting a long time... I m/c naturally in March 15 and didn't see a/f until April 29 which is not as long as you've waited but seemed forever to me then. I had even called my doctor and he said it could easily be 8 or even 9 weeks... you should start counting from the day you stopped bleeding not the day the m/c started; apparently you need to go at least 21 days without bleeding before the cycle restarts... also it depends somewhat on how far along you were when you m/c'd. hang in there and call your OB GYN if you feel at all like you need to! good luck and babydust!


alexasmommy - June 21

Update- still no period. My dr. called in a prescription for something that I have to take for 11 nights to kick start a period. I will get it tomorrow so I will be interested to see if it works. It's soooo depressing. I have convinced myself that I am pregnant close to 100 x's:) We'll see I guess. Thank you Julie.N and hcw for responding.


Lynne - June 22

I am sorry you still have not had a period. I am glad you contacted your doctor and are getting an rx to kick start your cycle again. Did they give any explanation as to why this has happened?


llisab - June 22

Does anyone know if you can get your first a/f before your hcg levels drop to zero?


Roxy - June 23

Hi alexasmommy, I just wanted to say that if it's at all possible you could be pregnant to take a test before the medication. The same thing happenend to me and I decied to take a test and sure enough I was pregnant. I am so glad I tested before I started the meds. I was prescribed Provera, is that what you are going to be on? I got pregnant before I even had a period. Good Luck.



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