No Yolk Sac Miscalulation Of Dates By 2 3 Weeks Help

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N acH O - June 28

i went to see a private doctor today for an early ultrasound being as my GP has NOT been helpful at all so far (in the UK we have a service called the NHS... if is a pile of poo to put it politely)... i thought i was about 8-9 weeks pregnant due to my LMP but it seems according to my ultrasound im measuring at about 5.8 weeks which is a shock indeed, and worst off there is no yolk sac, nor embryo present. the doctor gave me 3 possibilities, stating that i could either be having an anembryonic pregnancy (also the sac was ever so slightly dipped on one end of the oval shape, but it was pretty much circular but i worry incase it may be a blighted ovum even tho it wasnt obvious that anything was unusual, and i was informed that its possible not to see anything this early), a missed miscarry or i could have got the dates wrong and i AM possibly 6 weeks pregnant. im due for another u/s in 2 weeks to confirm the viability but im just so shocked at how much of a miscalculation i could have made because my LMP was on april the 26th which leaves a 2-3 week gap where i may have ovulated later than expected (which is a high possibility since i have irregular periods and so far have been having months where the cycle can be even 36 days apart!). im not ruling out the possiblity that my pregnancy has failed, but im just confused and very interested in the fact that i do have irregular periods, and in turn irregular ovulation dates, and maybe that could explain why im 2-3 weeks behind? i have no idea its all come as a massive surprise and i only hope my next u/s will have a positive result like some you ladies have been blessed with. if anyone can give me any insight on how common it is to get these dates wrong by as much as a few weeks due to irregular cycles, it would be really helpful on helping me understand more about myself if not console me on whats going on so im prepared for next time if this isnt a viable pregancy... altho im hoping that it is.... and so far im not being very english about it! lol! i wish we had care like you do over in the US... the nhs service over here in the UK is shameful to the point where u have to pay so much money just to get a response from a doctor! but at least i have something for now... hopefully more in two weeks... please offer any advice or let me know about your stories if they are similar, both positive and negative if you can offer any x love and light x


hcw - June 29

hi there, gosh i hope it is just that your dates are wrong... they say that 14 days after o you will get a/f, so if this was a 36 day cycle you would have o'd 22 days after april 26 which would be somewhere around may 11 which would put you at 7 gestational weeks today... i think... so that's not great, sorry. do you have any pregnancy signs? like sore bbs or morning sickness? did you have them? i'll keep my fingers crossed for you and really hope for the best for you. but even if it turns out badly, feel free to come here and talk - all these ladies have been through the worst and can really help the best regards...


N acH O - June 29

from what i thought was week 4 (which may be week 2) ive pretty much had severe fatigue, sore b___bs, ma__sive growth in my b___bs, round ligament pains, constant need to pee, headaches... hunger lol... pretty much everything but sickness altho i do feel nausiated sometimes just never actually physically sick but hear not all women get sick so that never worried me... nothing much is different now... but all information i got yesterday so its all just set me off in a panic really... my problem is my cycle is irregular so it may have been around 36 days, it could have been 26 days, it could have been more... i hear tho that these dates can be highly unreliable to work from being as we're all different so im just very confused... being my first pregnancy i cant help but worry


N acH O - June 30

strangely, i hav noticed all a long like said already a little nausea but for the past few days since sunday ive felt it so much more and was actually sick last night... this is all very confusing... im also measuring very large in my uterus rather early which is something the sonographer mentioned, which has made me wonder what that could mean despite the size of the sac. anyone measure rather large in the uterus around 5-6 weeks? i cant fit into any of my jeans, havent been able to in weeks, my b___bs have enlarged by 3 cups and are still growing and i have a family history of multiple births (dads a triplet, mum had twins before me and i was meant to be a twin) is that a possibility? im new to all of this and confused enough already! should hopefully have that ultrasound in 2 weeks, got the doctor to organise it yesterday...



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