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Faye - November 30

I think I recently suffered a miscarrage. I took a pregnancy test and it was positive but when I took one a few days later it showed as negative. I contacted the doctors who reckons I did suffer a miscarrage but now i havent had a period in 43 days. Is this normal if I have suffered a loss.


Debra - December 1

Faye, if after the first positive test, you have had no bleeding or other signs of possible misscarriage, you may still be pregnant. It could be that the second test was defective, etc. You should see your OB asap. They can do blood tests to determine if you are pregnant and or have misscarried.


sml - December 11

I totally agree w/ Debra. Please keep up posted.


T - December 12

I completely agree with Debra also You may still be pregnant hun. Go back to your doctor or OB/GYN. Good luck. :o)


Maria - December 16

I haven't gotten my period for a month, and I started eating stuff that I didn't normally eat, and I was getting sick at night. Then I started cramping and all of the sickness quit. I didn't take a pregnant C test. So could of I had a misscarrige? I havent quite told anyone yet. I'm only 17, I'm scared, I'm still a kid. Well, if you could let me know. I'd really appericate it.


amanda d__ky - December 21

i am pregnet but i am 19 and i have a boyfirend that is 24 and he has to work all the time so if anybody wants to help me out please e mail me at [email protected]


Faye - December 23



sarana - January 11

i think that you are pregnant so take another pregnancy test and good luck


Dimples - May 24

This have happen to me twice after me and my boyfriend had s_xual intercoure i would bleed the same week I suppose to have my period but my period don't come until the end of the week does that mean I had a misscarriage the second time it happen this little red thing came out of me can you help because it is hard for me not knowing if I had a misscarriage


Tanja - July 22

May test was negative, but if I go to the bathroom my bleeding has little pieces in it



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