Now Pregnant After M C

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Julie - February 5

I just found out I am 4 weeks 2 days and am scared to death!!!! I am experiencing low back pain almost near my tailbone?? Is this normal?


Betty - February 5

Congratulations Julie! I can't answer your quesitona bout the pain as I've only been preg once and that ended in miscarriage but good luck to you, there's no reason why it can't work out his time. I know I'll be scared too when it's me next time. Keep us posted.


MULGAJILL - February 6

it is scary, being pregnant after mc, i had two mc in a row 6 years ago, but then had baby on third go (also daughter 9 years ago)... never had lower back pain with mc... can be due to ligaments softening... hope this is some help...


Julie - February 7

Thanks I am scared to death I am about 5 weeks and every little symptom is scaring me. My b___bs don't hurt yet is that a bad sign?


Debbie - February 7

I am about 6 weeks pregnant after having a miscarrage last year. I am having the sore b___bs and an occasional wave of nasuea and tired alot but I am soooo scared of a repeat miscarrage. However, I did have pains in my back and thought I had just overdone it the day before because I found out I was pregnant the day after and had the u/s and things were fine that was 2 weeks ago and not I can't quit worring. Any advise from anyone.


JEn - February 10

I had a miscarriage a year ago and had no symptoms at all it was coming until I had an ultrasound and the baby had died at 8 weeks. But I am now 6 months pregnant, and my pregnancy started off with lower back pain and I still have it. My doctor told me not to be too concerned unless it is followed by cramping/pain/ and/or bleeding. Just keep on eye on your pain and if problem persist, consult your doctor for reasurance..keep me posted and let me know how things work out!


stacey - February 11

there are different kinds of backpain. when i was prgenant with my first two boys i had normal aches and pains. i am now going through my 3rd miscarriage. with all three i had bad lower backpain accompanied by lower back burning sensation. just be aware of what you are feeling so you can tell your doctor exactly where it's located and what it feels like. they've always told me that backpain is normal. Good luck to you!!


melissa - February 15

I have 2 little boys, and i just found out i am pregnant. i had 2 miscarriges, the last 1year ago. Iwent for my sono at aroun 7 1/2 weeks and found that the baby was not vital . the last time i swore i knew something was wrong,now i am in a complete panic.what are the chances of that happening again??


S- - February 17

I was at my obgyn today and he swears to me that it is the same odds as everyone else (I had a D&E on the 28th). 15-20% chance on all pregnancies. I am so so sorry for your losses! As my dr. so nicely puts it we had a 15-20% chance of miscarriage, so we have 80-85% chance of a viable pregnancy.


emma - February 18

I know how you feel, i had a miscarrage in november at 9 weeks and am now six weeks pregnant. I'm scared to death that i'll miscarry again and keep getting stomach pains. I think we are just taking notice of everything this time and are very in tune with what is going on inside because we want to be. Good luck and just kepp our fingers crossed, hey!


mulgajill - February 18

yes, it is scary, waiting to get to the end of the first trimester (the safety zone).... after 2 m/c close together, when i was pregnant with my son i didn't tell anyone, even my hubby, until i was 5 months gone... was afraid that talking about it would somehow jinx it... and i had lots of aches and pains during pregnancy (have two kids).... but never sore b___sts... and morning sickness with one but not the other... Good luck Julie and the rest of you....


Stacey - February 18

Mulgajill- you answered my question...I am currently trying after a m/c and wondered if I'd have the same symptoms (not that I can totally remember them), but you said your pregnancies were different. Boy, it would sure be alot easier to know if everytime you got the same symptoms!!!:)


stacey - February 23

how soon after the miscarriages did everyone ttc? actually get pregnant?


Michelle - February 24

I, too, am pregnant after a miscarriage three months ago when the u/s showed no heartbeart. I got pregnant after only two periods and my progesterone was low so I am on supplements. Does anyone know if the hormones being low could have to do with my body not being regulated yet after the D&C? My ultrasound is on Monday and until that time, I am living in a constant state of fear that something will be wrong again.


Kelly G - February 25

I to am ttc after miscarriage. I had REALLY sore b___st with the pregnancy I miscarried, it was soo bad if you even brushed them with your arm or anything, I wanted to go through the roof! It was like they were on fire. So now that we are ttc again its like every morning I wake up hoping my b___sts hurt again...but maybe that won't happen this time and it will be different. My luck I'll have total morning sickness - but it will be totally worth it. I'm looking so forward to getting fat - baby dust to all!


mulgajill - February 25

Kelly G.... having been pregnant a few time i can tell you that the symptons you get from one pregnancy can be quite different with another one, my first i really had no symptons until i started getting really fat (baby girl)... the second, no symptons (m/c)... the third very emotional/nausea etc (m/c) the fourth tiredness constantly and nausea (baby boy) and the last emotional & nausea (m/c)... now waiting for hpt day... good luck!



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