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Elizabeth - January 6

Ok, I posted earlier about having an ultrasound done at 9 weeks and it said that the sac was at the size of 6 weeks. I have since called and talked to the doctor again. She said that it looks like I have a Blighted Ovum! I understand that this means that the fetus did not develop or developed badly. They heard NO Heartbeat! They said that they will wait 2 weeks and do another Ultrasound and see if maybe the dates were wrong and the baby was younger than expected! Has anyone ever expierenced this? If so please let me know, any and all information on this topic would help. May God bless you all.


Cathy - January 7

What I am wondering is why didn't she tell you this first instead of leaving you wondering? I would seriously consider seeing someone else.


r - January 7



r - January 7



r - January 7

Hi, I found the 2 website (above that I gave you) helpful and informative. take out all the dashes - but leave any underscores _ in. Maybe the doctor didn't want to scare you until they know for sure in 2 weeks from now. Each doctor practices differently, but I know I'd want to know what's going on right off the bat! In anycase if this is a Blighted Ovum you should know that this has nothing to do with anything that you have done. This usually happens when there are chromsomal problems and your body recognizes that. The fetus does not develop properly, but the plecenta is still forming. These days with altrasounds they can detect it earler and deal with it. But a few years ago it was hard to detect and a woman went along thinking she is pregannt for the first trimaster and then realize there is no fetus. I wish you all the best and hope these website give you some information that will be helpful.



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