Ok To Conceive Right After Miscarriage

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kc - February 27

I was 5.5 wks preg when I miscarried a week ago. I am wanting to try again right away, not wait the typical 1-3 periods first. I figure that since I was so early in the first pregnancy, it might be ok to try again right away? I was wondering what other people's experiences have been, as far as ttc right after a miscarriage, whether they felt it was safe, whether it resulted in a successful pregnancy or another miscarriage. Thanks so much!


Susan W - February 27

Well, I accidentally conceived right after a m/c. I'm still waiting to see if everything turns out OK as I'm only a few weeks along. My midwife told me that if I came in 6 weeks later and told her I was pregnant again (which I did) it would be perfectly healthy and normal. She said your body will not conceive again so quickly if it's not OK. Most doctors ask you to wait 1-3 cycles to allow your system to return to normal and make fetal aging more accurate. Also, it is soooo important to resolve the emotional aspect of m/c before ttc. I'm actually finding that very hard going on top of/because of a new pregnancy. Good luck!


gemini_star1983 - February 28

Hello, my name is Marie. Susan and i keep in touch with some other ladies on The waiting game thread....you are most welcome to join! I too conceived straight after my m/c 3rd January 2006 (natural missed m/c-4weeks when i thought i was 11)....i have an early scan on the 13th March so i will keep you posted! Susan is right your body wont conceive if its not ready....but we are living proof conception can happen early after m/c! take care Marie.


kc - February 28

thanks so much Marie and Susan for both of your posts, and good luck with your results!!


parkermegan - February 28

Hi KC I am going to a specialist now after my mc at 5 1/2 wks. I wanted to try again right away too. After seeing my dr she told me that unless your hcg is 0 when you o that your mc rates double. A lot of people on here say that you can't o until you are back to 0, but you can. I did. I o and my hcg was 1.87. My dr told me that if I did ttc that I might have a healthy pregnancy or I might mc. (just like any other pregnancy, the risk is always there) But that my mc rates would be doubled. So make sure your hcg is at 0 before you o. I o literally the day after I stopped spotting with the mc. I spotted for almost 4 wks. If you are not at 0 when you o it may be tempting to try again right away, but you would be taking a doubled risk of another mc. Ask your dr to check your levels before you o and just make sure they are at 0. The dr told me about 75% of the women that get pregnant right after a mc and their levels werent 0, end in another mc. That is definately high!! I don't want to take that risk! 1 mc is hard enough! Good Luck! Once you are back at 0 there is no increased risk though!!


kc - February 28

Thanks parkermegan that is great advice!! I definitely don't want to ttc if the risk is any greater of m/c than it would normally be. I'm hoping my hcg levels will be at zero soon since I only bled for a week (last spotting was yesterday). I will definitely talk to my dr about it and wait until I am completely back to normal (zero). I hope it is soon!! I wish you the best as you try again.


parkermegan - February 28

my dr told me that my levels went down really slowly. I was using another dr before her, and she told me that if I had of been her patient from the beginning then she would have given me some med to get my levels down faster. So I a__suming most people do go down a lot faster than me. I was 889, 719,331,58,4.32,1.87. Those were done every week. Good luck with trying again!! I was really upset about not getting to try again right away at first. But now I am kind of happy. I know that I will not have any worries (or as much) about having another mc. It is going to be a clean slate and starting over. Not having to worry about if I waited long enough or not, or if my body was ready. Good luck though!!


Kim L - March 1

Hi kc: Actually, a normal, non-pregnant amount of hcg is anything less than 5. When you hit less than 5, you will ovulate again. Doctors' opinions vary on whether or not it is safe to ttc before your first period after miscarriage happens. Some say it is fine, others say it is best to wait for at least 1 cycle and still others say wait 2-3 cycles. Talk it over with your doctor and find out what is best for you. Good luck!


Susan W - March 1

Kara's right. There are several studies that have found a normal level of 5 or less in non-pregnant women *and* men, so it can float around in the blood of non-pregnant people. Most fertility clinics consider 5 or less to be non-pregnant and potentially ready to ovulate. And you won't ovulate until your hormone level is low enough, wherever your normal is. Physiologically it can't happen when enough HCG is around and shuts off the feedback loop that would stimulate an AF to happen and then prepare another egg for release. . . .. . I did a PubMed search, and I can't find a single study that says getting pregnant again immediately is at higher risk for an adverse outcome; actually, the one study I found on the topic said there was no increase in m/c for women who conceived quickly after a m/c and therefore no reason to counsel women to wait to try again. There are studies that say that any pregnancy conceived within 6 months of ANY pregnancy, no matter how it ended, are at higher risk for low birth weight, placental problems and preterm labor, which could be whre the waiting came from. I cannot find any scientific basis for waiting 1-3 cycles in general, although we all know we each have individual stories that may make waiting right for us; although, I've always wondered why some doctors recommend waiting, as it would make more sense to take advantage of increased fertility following a m/c if that's what the parents want . . .. What did I take away from all that? That our bodies know what to do and are amazing. We all have to do what feels right to us.


Morrison1 - March 1

Susan, I appreciate all the information. I am in the same *exact* boat as KC and am anxious to try again. My doctor gave me the two-cycle rule - wait through two AF, and then try. I think I will be nervous no matter WHEN we try, so on one hand I think we might as well. On the other hand, it's just plain scary once you have been through all this. I have also done a lot of research on the intranet and have not found anything that supports the claim that a pregnancy conceived directly after a m/c is at a higher risk. But, I am also 36 and worry about my risk factors regardless. KC - what have you found out?


Susan W - March 2

I must say I wish my body had waited, as my emotional state and mind haven't caught up!! We had planned to wait 2 cycles and then think about it, but an accident with the condom took that choice, so I am trying to think about how it must be meant to be now. And no, no matter when you conceive again, the fear is always there. I have a book on m/c, the risks and the reasons, and the author firmly states that now the innocence and pure joy that normally accompanies pregnancy is now gone for those of us who had a m/c. So far, he's right. I'm not scared, but neither am I dreaming and wishing like I did with the lost pregnancy, which would have been baby #2 for me. . .. .But my advice would be to evaluate why you want to get pregnant again right away, see how you have resolved the loss, which is important so it won't affect you later, and make sure your body has recovered from any physical effects. I was hoping to lose the 5 lbs from the lost pregnancy, but now I can't diet! If you haven't recovered emotionally, you need to make sure you have the energy to be pregnant and deal with the loss at the same time. Does any of that make any sort of sense?


Morrison1 - March 2

Absolutely makes sense to me. I think there are so many factors to consider, and they all add up to a different outcome for each of us. I found out I was pg on a Friday at 6:30 am, but by Sunday mid-day, I had started spotting. I didn't know much about being pg or how common spotting could be and immediately began building that subconscious "wall", you know, "just in case". It has taken nearly 3 weeks for it to all shake out...and the pain of it all way outlasted the joy. We'll be ready soon, but you are sooooo right - the "innocence" is gone. I am glad that you are here to understand that. Most people who haven't experienced a miscarriage can't understand that loss of innocence. They a__sume that since it is a relatively common thing that we should be able to approach the next preganacy the same way we felt the first time. Unfortunately, I think that is impossible. Thanks again...my thoughts are with you. I know you are struggling with this, but remember you aren't alone.


Morrison1 - March 2

Susan - I also wanted to tell you that you seem very strong and positive regardless of your fears. I have been reading and following for a few weeks, and have been following your story. My throughts and prayers are on your side and I appreciate so much all the information you have offered up.


Susan W - March 3

Morrison, I found the same thing regarding peoples' att_tudes about a m/c. Some said "well, you can try again." But that's not the point! We will always miss those lost babies and wonder what would have happened, and we will always worry about the outcome of any future pregnancies, having been through the worst thing that can ever happen. And I appreciate your kind words. This forum really helps me deal with the tough things life sometimes deals our way. I think of the women I've "met" on here every day, and I think it's cool that we live all over the world and can still comfort and a__sist one another without much disagreement or rancour. And you're right, the pain will always outlive the joy we had with those lost pregnancies. I've met women who lost babies 20-30-40 years ago, and they still remember. It's just not as bad. So we will make it!


Morrison1 - March 3

Hey ladies - a question for you. How long after the m/c did you spot? I feel like this is going on and on forever. I started spotting almost 3 weeks ago. Of course, it got heavy, and I really bled for about 8 days, but now it's just "lingering". I won't see anything and then I will go to the bathroom and there will be spotting, or even a little reddish blood. Never enough for a pad, but it just seems like it won't stop. My last HCG was 4 days ago and I was at 48. Shouldn't this be about over? I think it makes it even harder to move on. Anyway... I am still thinking on letting nature take it's course. I feel like I have spent my whole life trying NOT to get pg, so I can't bring myself to do it again. Anyway...KC, I know you and I are at about the same timeframe. Are you still spotting? At all? Or are you done? Are you going to start charting at all or just see how things go? Susan - were you charting temps at all when your accident happened?


Morrison1 - March 3

Susan - just a note in response to your last post. I know a woman at work, who is now in her late 50's, who lost a child at 4 months. She remembers every second of the whole process to this day and she even had another healthy baby after that. It is stories like that that help keep me going when I feel really down...


Susan W - March 3

Morrision, I can't chart bbt's as my 18 month old wakes me up too frequently to get an accurate bbt (I haven't had 3 consecutive hours of sleep since before he was born! lol) But I watch cm and cp and have for years. I started noticing cp changes just a day or two after the spotting finally stopped, and I truly didn't believe what I was finding. Literally, the next morning after our mishap I found copious extremely fertile cm, and I am an early ovulator. When I see cm, it's usually only a day or two before I ovulate. Thought about going to get plan B, but decided if it was meant to be, it was . . . . . I bled heavily for about 7 days after pa__sing the tissues, then spotted off and on for another 5 or so. It was frustrating as I would think it was done, exert myself and then find I'd ruined whatever it was I was wearing. It does stop.



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