On 14th Day Of Bleeding After Mc When Did It Stop For You

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Kristin72 - September 30

I was given misprostol to induce my miscarriage at 8w5d. There was no hb on my 7 week scan or my 8 week scan just a 3mm embryo with yolk sac and fetal pole. I am wondering how long everyone bled after their miscarriage? Did anyone get pregnant again right away? Or after there first cycle. This is my 4th loss..I have had a miscarriage many years ago. A misses miscarriage at 14 weeks in '05 and an ectopic in '07. Now this. Just looking for hope for my future??


eclipse - October 1

Kristin, I know I talked to you on the other thread. How are you holding up? To answer your question, I think it took me about 3 weeks on and off after my d and c. Make sure they check you for anemia if you are bleeding heavily still. I know many people bleed for a month. Hopefully this won't be the case. I don't know what else to say but *hugs* and I wish you the best of luck for your future.


ayleen - October 7

Hi Kristin72 Im Ayleen and let me share alittle about my experience now dont get scared cuz its very unlikely for this to happen to anyone. First i got the news they were twins (yayyyy) but then only one heart(no so nice) well i went to the OB 3 times a week and to the imagine specialist twice a week. My baby A grew normaly but they notice that baby B was growing althought he didnt have a heart. :( . Well when I was 17wks they did surgery to disconnect the vein that was suppling blood to babyb cuz baby A was having to pump for both and if nothing got done he would'nt make it. Well they did an amnio before surgery to find out weather it was even a posobility that baby A was going to ba normal and it it was worth it to get the surgery. i was sent home to wait for the results and they came back great. I had sergery done and everything was looking good. I was in bedresrt for a while before and after surgery. But 2 weeks after while I slept my water broke I was 19wks so they send me home and said that if I made it to 24wks they would admited me to the hospital but for the mean while to check for any fever on foul smell pain and all that. Well I kept leaking so I got scared went back and yeap baby A didnt have any water left they had thought that it was baby B's sack that had broke but then they saw that they were identical twins so they share the same sack and the same placenta so no way possible for me to wait until 24wks. they game me the option of an D&C of delivering. I decided to deliver cuz they were to big and i felt it was unhuman to end the life of another human that way if I would have been smaller yeah but they were 20 weeks so I deliverd and i saw them and i went home the next day. Well i was having heavy bleeding and it wasnt normal i had 3 other children so i knew it. Well i went to the emergercy room cuz i had a fever they said it was due to my b___st milk being stuck and i said its not that the pain was in my stomach and my back. Well they sent me home and a week later i was still pa__sing blodclocts and something that looked like raw meat. went to my OB and she did an u/s and there it was they left the placenta stuck in my uterus and so i had to have surgery that same day. I had my period for over 60 days and finally after the D&C it stoped. this all hapend from May 21 thru July 19th i got my first normal cycle in august and got pregnant on sept. Im 4wks pregnant now so hopefuly this time will be different.


Kristin72 - October 9

I am so sorry to hear of your twin losses. To hear this just breaks my heart. You must be so devastated. Congratulations on your recent pregnancy..I wish you all the best this time around. I know your pain too well. AS I have had 4 losses. I do have one little girl..she is 22 months. This pregnancy..after been given the misprostol I bled for 21 days and then started hemoraging on the 22nd day and pa__sed 2 hockey puck sized clots. I went to emergency and they did and emergency D&C. They determined I had retained POC's. In the past I also had retained placenta after the birth of my lo. I bled for 9 weeks and hemoraged 3 times.. At 14 weeks I had another missed miscarriage and needed a D&C and also a repeat D&C. So in total I have had 2 D&C's before and fell pregnant with my lo 1 cycle after my D&C.,.I hope to have such luck again just like you. Good luck and so sorry for your losses



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