Only 16 An Dis Happens

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Stephanie - April 4

I was bout 1month gone an i had a miscarriage, it was bout 4 months ago and i still haven't got over it! Can ne1 give me ne help?


mulgajill - April 4

There is no set time to "get over it".... sadness can hang around for awhile ... try to focus on what can be for the future than what could have been.


Angry - April 4

A miscarriage is a miscarriage, no matter how old you are when it happens. Just because someone is 16 doesn't mean they shouldn't feel depressed. 16 year olds have the same feels that 30 year olds have.


Stephanie - April 4

O yea thnx btw Angry i really appreciated it xx


Julie - April 4

Stephanie, you will find support here. Whoever posted that was clearly out of line and is not, I imagine, someone who regularly posts here (she didn't even have the nerve to identify herself). Anyway, try to hang in there and know you aren't alone. You may never really "get over" the loss, but in time it won't hurt as badly. Lots of women make "memory boxes" and put in items that remind them of the pregnancy; others plant a plant as a memorial. Let yourself grieve and remember that lots of women (of all ages) know what you're going through. And I hope you have friends or family that will support you and that you can also talk to in person. Take care and I hope you feel better.


Stephanie B. - April 4

Hey girl I know how you feel I had a miscarriage when I was 17 and it hurt so bad. I am now 24, married and just went through my second one, and it was alot more difficult. I look back now and know that every thing happens for a reason, it is hard but it really is in gods hands. You are still so young and have so much to look forward to and when the time is right it will happen. Like Julie said you will never get over it, the baby will always be in your heart, but trust me in time it will get better, and in the mean time this web site is great support!! Julie that is a great idea about the plant, or memory box.


Alison - April 5

Hi Stephanie, I just wanted to say I'm sorry for your loss, I have had 2 miscarriages and as Mulgajill says there is no time-frame for "getting over it" in fact I don't think is's something you "get over" you learn to live with what's happened, and to look forwards to the future despite the pain of the past. Julie mentioned memory boxes etc, well I have one and in it I have momentoes of my 2 pregnancies. I find as time goes on I am able to open it less and less (at first I looked at it every day!) Go easy on yourself and don't be hard on yourself if you have a bad day or are not coping-it is alot to take in and you're only young. There's no pattern to grief either, you can feel ok one week and then not good at all the next week! I hope you have family and friends as well as loving boyfriend to support you, and I hope that when you become pregnant again (whenever that may be) that you will enjoy a healthy and happy pregnancy. Take care xxx


OMG THIS IS TO ~ - April 5

what is your problem.. first off.. u DIDNT MENTION one thing about needing support, all u did was basically attack that poor girl.. You have NO CLUE about her either..I was 16 when I had my first child, and if anything had ever happened to him it would have destroyed me.. he is now 26 yrs old.. maybe you should also take some english lessons as well as empathy cla__ses!!! you are aweful.. To Steph: I am so sorry for your loss sweetie.. I know it doesnt help much, but believe god has a reason for EVERYTHING he does.. I had 3 beautiful children. but I also had an ectopic pg and miscarriage in between, so honey I KNOW just how you feel. But the pain does go away in time... and one day when the time is right, you will be bless with a little bundle of joy.. I wish you alot of luck..


Heather - April 5

Stephanie - Question... What happened? Your post is a little confusing. How far along were you? Are your parents involved?


Stephanie - April 5

i jus wanna say thnx to every1 dat is givin me support i cnt blieve that ~ thought this wasa a joke wel obviously u r sik enough to think sumthing like that, i wud never do nething like this to get attention u have not made me feel ne better ~ an nxt time leave ur name plz!


Stephanie - April 5

Plz tlk to me as i have no1 i can tlk to an i just want some help plz!! And thnk u


mab - April 5

this is to steph.. if u need to talk here is my email addy : [email protected] please feel free to email me anytime


Alison - April 6

Stephanie, Hi I posted the other day (see above somewhere!) I see Mab has pa__sed on an e.mail and I hope you will take up her offer and talk to her as there are alot of lovely ladies on this site only too glad to help. If you need to post again as well as e.mail we will be glad to reply too on here and answer any concerns. I hope you are doing ok I know how awful this all is and I'm thinking of you xxx


To Heather - April 9

Soz if it confused u i was bout 1month gone an no my parents aren't involved and now i dnt think that my bf even wants to know!! Sum1 help me plz!!


Cherrilynn - April 9

Steph, I am glad that you found some support on this site. You will find healing in time. Like most of the women said, You never really get over it. I named my babies and visually placed them in the arms of God where I know that they are safe. I had 3 misscarriages a total of 4 babies. It helps me to know that I will see them again. That is the hope of Heaven. I will pray for you. You should think about telling someone close to you so that they can cry with you and comfort you.


upset - April 10

I was 16 when i had my first son and i'm 32 now and just had a m/c.And know how i would have felt if i had lost him. for the person who posted the first reply do you know how isolated you feel at that age? let alone having a m/c and carrying the burden on your own i feel you should think before you type as your feelings on this matter of m/c never change no matter how old you are it still hurts like hell! steph time is great heeler hang in there and take one day at a time babe.


Heather - April 10

Steph - I'm sorry you can't involve your parents. I doesn't sound like your bf is much of a support either. You keep posting these replies begging for help... You have gotten a lot of positive responses (accept for the couple from ~, just ignor the negative posts). What is it exactly you want help with? You keep begging for it and I don't know what you want. You already have a support group here and have gotten email addresses for further a__sistance. What do you want????



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