OPK Confusing Results

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Want a baby - June 28

I miscarried & had a d&c on 5/13/05. I got my first AF after the miscarriage on 6/14/05. I have been using OPK for about 5 days now. I got what I thought was definitely a positive yesterday. I tested again today and it was negative. Did I "O" yesterday?? The OPK was negative the day before yesterday as well. So, I have a negative on Sunday, positive on Monday & negative on Tuesday??


kc - June 28

Your LH surge only lasts for 24 hours so you ovulated on Monday.


Amy - June 28

i only used them one time but when i did i got a +fri +sat and then it was-sunday i kept taking them to see when it would go -


Want a baby - June 29

Ok, I have another question. If I ovulated on Monday and the OPK are now negative. Does that mean that I missed my opportunity this month? I BDed with my DH on Monday & Tuesday. If the egg was fertilized, would the OPK still be positive??


Amy - June 29

i got pg the first time we used opk and it was 3 wks after i m/c to i think you would still had a good chance if you oed on mon and bded mon i would say you still could of hit it and i don't now about if it would still be + if fertlized egg you would think not but i don't know for sure


staci - June 29

I know, they are so confusing...aren't they? I had my 2nd D&C on June 8 and am waiting for my af to show up so that I can start with the OPK's. I would suspect that it was that day you Oed, as mentioned it is only present for 24 hours-it sounds like you covered your basis though by ttc on monday and tuesday!!! let me know the results-I am praying for you!!!


Jess - June 29

If you got a + on Monday that means we would have ovulated within 12-48 hours. Which means if you BD on Mon and Tuesday it would have been your best bet. Even if the egg was fertilized your opk would still come out neg. THey do say that if you do get pregnant you can use an opk as a hpt but that is only days after you miss your period. Good luck. I m/c March 7 with a D&C and I'm currently cd 9 in my 4 cycle since m/c. Have been using opk for 2 months now. Hopefully it will work this month. Will know in a couple of weeks.


Nancy - June 29

Jess is right, you ovulate about 12-36 after you have and lh surge or a positive opk. I would try peeonastick.com for more info on opk's.


crisy - July 12

Hi. I tried the OPK as we are ttc. I agree they are confusing. I started doing them on June 11 and got a neg result then and on the 12. Got a positive result on the 13th then continued to do them and I got a neg result on the 14 but a positive result on the 15th of june? How confusing is that? Now I' m 10 days late but all the pregnancy tests I did were negative. I feel discouraged. Any thoughts?



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