Other Ways To Be Intimate Without Having Intercourse

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Marcie - August 17

Hi to all, First I am sorry to read about the heartaches everyone has had, and I pray that God will give you all the comfort you need and more....I had a missed m/c, and then had a d/c on 8/10(a week ago, first pregnancy). The dr. said to wait about a week or so to have s_x, but I and my dh are both not wanting to ttc yet, but just want to make love again and be close again! Any ideas on other ways to be intimate without having intercourse????


Beth - August 18

Marcie, you and I are among the very few women on this website NOT willing or ready to jump right back into ttc right after miscarriage. This was a first pregnancy for me too--my m/c was on 7/29. About your question--dh and I were in the same situation as you and your dh. I wasn't really interested in intimacy for a couple of weeks but I knew that we both really needed it so I decided to try by taking it very slow (at MY pace). Try taking a shower together (a bath would be nicer but my dr advised against that the first week after m/c). After the shower set the mood with candles and soft music and take turns putting body moisturizer/oil on each other (like a light full body ma__sage), from here you can let your imagination and your hands take you as far as you're ready to go. Your dh is probably already aware but if not, do let him know that your first time after the m/c needs to be extra gentle because it may bring back some sad emotions. On the other hand, intimacy has brought me and dh closer and is really helping us move along in the healing process. Smothering each other with kisses is really nice too. I wish you all the best.


Marcie - August 18

Beth-Thank you so much for your post!! I am sorry that you had to go through this also.....I will try to write more later...I will be seeing my sister this weekend(I am from MN, and she lives in CO) and she is about 23 weeks along with her 5th child....it will be great to see her, but hard at the same time....more later...God Bless!!



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