Ovarian Cyst In Early Pregnancy

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MeganNellie - October 4

Has anyone heard of ovarian cysts being common in early pregnancy? A friend of mine said when the baby is real young, before the placenta forms, the baby feeds of a cyst in the ovary. Has anyone heard this? The u/s tech. saw one when I was miscarrying but said it was common. I had a D & C done but I don't know if they performed and ultrasound afterward to make sure they got everything (I was put under) I'm trying to conceive again after two menstral cycles but am worried that I will miscarry again. Any info is greatly appreciated.


Cyndi - October 4

Hey girl it's me Perfect_Angel from baby center chat, well girl I just want to tell you to TRY TRY TRY AGAIN. I have had two m/c and I am going to try again right away. Believe it or not m/c are very common it happens to many women and chances are your next pregnancy will be healthy and great. I am sorry for your loss but try again I know you are scared I am too after lossing too, but after reading alot on this forum you come across women who have had multiple m/c and go on to have healthy baby's. I dont know if that is true I never heard it but it might be. Baby Dust..


Iris - October 5

I will read your responses to this. Myself was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst. I had two miscarriages and one stillborn. I'm just wondering if this has anything to do with the cyst?


Alison - October 5

Megan I was told by a specialist that in early pregnancy you have pregnancy cysts on your ovary that secrete the pregnancy hormones until the placenta takes over. She said it is normal. I am so sorry for your loss-you have every chance of a healthy pregnancy the next time. the majority of women who miscarry go on to have a healthy pregnancy the next time-not all ( as I can unfortunately testify to myself) but the majority do so please have hope and believe it will be ok next time. It's scary I know-I wish you the best. Take care xxx


MeganNellie - October 7

Thank you ladies for responding. It has really helped to be able to talk to women who have been through the same thing as I have. I finally got the results back from my HCG blood test and they're at .1. Normal for a non pregnant woman is anything under 6.15 so my body is back to normal (as normal as I can be). My husband and I are going to try again! Wish us luck! I pray that all you ladies are blessed with healthy babies in the near future!


lisa - October 7

I also had a cyst when they done an u/s on 8/25 I had a m/c on 9/6 not because of the cyst but I had bacterial infection that spread to the amniotic fluid and caused my water to break. Just wondering does the cyst go away after m/c and if not is it ok to ttc?


Debi - October 7

Hi ladies, I also had a m/c in April and am now 20 weeks pregnant. It's possible!! I want to let you know that the cysts in early pregnancy are called corpus luteum cysts, what they do is help sustain the pregnancy until the placenta forms around 10 weeks or so, it produces progesterone. So they are actually a good thing. Best of luck to all of you ttc and those who have!!



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