Ovulate Longer After M C

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Alexis - April 20

Do you ovulate longer after a miscarraige? ALso, my mucus has been thicker than usual.


Alexis - April 23



Allie - April 23

I don't really understand how it works; I've beem told you are moer fertile, but I don't think you can ovulate longer...when you olvulate the egg only lasts for less than 1 day, I don't think that can change - I think your body is just more ready to accept a pregnancy after a m/c


Alexis - April 24

The reason I asked is because my cm has been really thick for over a week and I took two ovulation tests a week apart and they both came up positive. The day I had blood work done my levels were down to 5 (april 3) so I don't think the test is wrong. Could I have ovulated twice?


Pam - April 25

Alexis, Do you still have the cm or did it go away? I m/c on March 22- Naturally. I then had thick mucus during the week of April 11th. I am waiting for my period as it will be my first one after the m/c. DH and I had s_x on the 16th (but he pulled out, however I am not sure he got it in time) and then he left in on the 20th. I am just waiting now for my period or a BFP. Seems tortuous really. Before M/C I was on a 40 day cycle.


Alexis - April 25

the cm is starting to go away but it was still noticably here on Saturday. So, it's been about a week and a hlaf of thick mucus


Pam - April 26

Alexis, I am starting to lose hope of a BFP this month. That is ok though, I would welcome my period too (that way I can get back on track). Hopefully by the end of this week I will have AF. Even with all the CM and everything, I don't think I BD will O'ing. In fact I think during the time I was O'ing my husband was on a business trip in Orlando (so so much for BD). Please keep me posted on your situation.


Alexis - April 26

The cm has gone away so I hope my period comes in two weeks or less. Like you said, I just want to go back to normal and know I can try again. Ovulating and not being able to try was very hurtful



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