Ovulating After Misscarriage

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Jessica55 - September 24

Hello everyone! I was 5 weeks pregnant when i misscarried. I misscarried Aug.11th and i still have not started my period and today is Sept.24 so its been 6 weeks and 3 days since MC(45 days) & no sign of AF. My doctor told me i could start TTC right away that i didnt have to wait. I had a natural misscarriage no D&C and bled for about 6 days. I have ovulation pain every month so i know when i ovulate so its easy for me to pinpoint. But ive heard several things that some women do not ovulate after MC and also read from my What to espect before expecting books that women may actually be more fertile up to 3 months after MC. I thought to what i believed to be ovu pain Sept. 16th but it was much more intense. Idk if it felt more intense because its swore in there or what but im hoping it was do to ovulation. Sept. 22 woke up with light cramps in the morning but havent felt anything since and ive been very moody for the past few days and ive been (&right now) having leg cramps the past few days as well. With my first pregnancy that ended in misscarriage i had leg cramps as well. So i wondering if anybody else is going thru the same thing and id you got pregnant right after MC?? If i dont start my period within the next week ill be taking a pregnancy test and im crossing my fingers were pregnant with a healthy baby! Would love to hear other people's story!!


MzSwizz - November 18

Hi I was 5 1/2 weeks when I ended up with a blighted ovum. I had a D&C on April 2nd and didn't get my 1st period until June 17th due to the fact that my HCG levels took a long time to drop completely to 0 which happened on June 10th. I think every woman is different. I was not able to get pregnant right away even though we tried due to the fact my body was still in pregnncy mode due to the remaining HCG in my body. We are going to buy an OPK this week because I never know when I ovulate. Baby dust to you and hope this helps.


Jessica55 - November 19

thanks for the respose I started my period oct.1st and got pregnant that cyle. I'm happy to say I'm 7 weeks pregnant again and my HCG is doubling every 48 hrs. And we have a healthy little bean! We get to see him/her Nov. 30th. Best of luck to you hun!


saroona - November 23

hi ladies...congrats jessica:) and good luck MzSwizz:) i had a miscarriage on oct. 25th naturally and no D&C was needed...i was 5 weeks pregnant...i haven't got my period since then...i don't know when to expect it actually and i have been having lower abdominal cramps and backaches for the past couple of days...btw i had intercourse 3 weeks after the miscarriage..is there a chance that i'm pregnant? or are these signs of an upcoming period??



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