Ovulating Should I Advice Please

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EricaH - September 27

My little Bio, 1st loss- Sept. 1, 2004 at 16 weeks, no cause found 2nd loss- July 28th(D&C) at 8 weeks, no cause found ..My doctor said he is gonna put me on baby aspirin and progesterone.. did a bunch of blood tests all normal thus far.. and no abnormalities with both babies.. So I had basically convinced myself that I wasn't O'ing this cycle...I just thought since my hcg just recently went down, my body wont recognize it until my next cycle. So I was ok with waiting till next cycle knowing that if my body needs to get it together than thats fine... I used my last strip today and sure enough, it detected my surge and I got the smiley face :) ...So it's cycle day 16.. which is normal I suppose, b/c in the past I normally got the smiley face on cycle day 14 and 15... and now it will be CD 16 and 17... This period has been a bit longer than normal.. But I know my body is just flushing out... and I've still be spotting since my period ended ( well, the flow ended last week) .... So I'm wondering if we should go for it and BD. My doctor said spotting with my cycle is normal, he said it all was...and he was very encouraging to me at the support group I am apart of. He said my losses were very different from one another and that early losses are common, and since it wasn't an abnormality with the baby...He said there are other factors.. It's not all about abnormalities.. It could've been the way it implanted..A lot of things...so he said he isn't too concerned with me b/c he knows I will conceive and carry full term. It made me feel very empowered! lol.. I see 2 doctors.. This one I see occassionally..and then I see his co worker in the practice... I'm gonna pray about it and decide. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks Ladies.


Tory1980 - September 27

I would do what you feel is best for you. If you are ready to try again and hubby/bf is also ready then go for it. If you are still not sure, holding off won't do you any harm. It's good our Doctor is so positive - I like the sound of him. So many Doctors almost try and STOP you getting pregnant. it makes a change to have one practically pushing you into the bedroom! LOL!



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