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TL - May 5

I miscarried around April 18th, My levels did not completly drop as off the 21st, but they were very low. Now it is the 5th of May and my br___t are starting to be tender again, could I be ovulating that soon? i have no signs of the mucus when going to bathroom, And I think with a normal period I don't start getting br___t tenderness until a few days before I start AF. I possibly can't be getting ready to start it again, I just completly quit bleeding on around the 25th of April. Any suggestions anyone?????


K - May 7

I'm sorry for your loss. I'm not sure if I can be much help, but I am having the same symptoms as you are. I lost my baby at 10 weeks. I noticed some fullness in my b___sts about 2 weeks ago (I am on CD33 now, so it would have been about CD 15). The strange thing is that it started a few days after my bleeding stopped. It only lasted for a few days. I have been charting and have still not ovulated, nor have I had EWCM either. Five days ago, I started spotting, but no AF yet either. I didn't ask my dr about it, but I was told by my nurse that the first cycles after a m/c can be really messed up. Sorry if this doesn't answer your question, but you're not alone! Good luck!


R - May 12

I also miscarried on April 17th a day before you did TL. I ovulated on March 6th. I know this for a fact. I used an ovulation predictor and I also had the cm. It is a few days off of my normal schedule but hey what can you do. Anyhow I have no doubt in my mind that you can ovulate this soon. Good Luck to you.


TL - May 14

R - did you get AF yet? I still have not gotten it yet, So I am wondering since you ovulated on the 6th per the ovulation predictor, you should have started it by now right? Please let me know. and GL to you too!!!


R - May 14

TL no i havent gotten af yet. I am thinking that I should get it by next week sometime considering the fact that they say that it takes 14 days after ovulation. I have had a lot of cramping but no af yet. I guess that we will see what happens. Have you had any symptoms of ovulation?


TL - May 16

R- not really I have had a little mucus, still very sore b___st, and they are still heavy, I used your date the 6th of May, with like an ovualtion predictor and it said not to expect AF till, around the 20th. So if no AF by the 23rd to take a test, But if your anxious take a test that is one that will work 4 days early, to see what it says. But the only one I have is one if you have missed your period, not the one that is 4 days early. So I will just wait it out, but not really any symptoms of AF as of yet. Let me know how your making out, and let me know if you take a test!!! Good Luck, healthy dust to you!!! :)


R - May 16

TL I heard that if you took an ovulation test after you became pregnant then it would come up positive. I dont know if that is true or not but I took one today. It came up positive, I know that it hasnt been positive the whole time since before I ovulated. This is the first time that I took one since I knew that I ovulated. I am having a little spotting which is about right if I had some implantation bleeding. I am also cramping (still havent stopped that since I got pregnant the first time) but this is kind of scary to me. I know that I shouldnt be expecting a period untill this friday, and I also have a blood test scheduled for then, but I want to know now. I hate this waiting game. Anyhow I will keep you posted on what is going on, thanks for the healthy baby dust, Send some your way too.


TL - May 17

R- you will definitly have to keep me posted as to whether you are preg or not. WOW! I'm surprised, I haven't taken one yet, b/c not sure when I am supposed to actually get it, but still nothing. But one good thing that if I am already, then hopefully it is a good one, because no cramping and before when there was complications with the preg, like a tubal, and m/c, i had cramping alot, had like a boil down below, and as well as real tender and swollen inside me.. (TMI) So that is how I knew that I was preganant, because of all those signs, but however for each one there were bad signs, cause they weren't healthy pregnancys. So hopefully if I am, then wonderful, hopefully it would be fine this time. And I don't know much about ovulation kits, but is that the same as a pregnancy test? Because if calculations serve me right I actually started to m/c between the 16th and 18th because my levels did not double between Friday and Sunday, and then I had an awful night of pain on sunday night, which is when i think i started to m/c, then started to bleed on Tuesday the 19th. HMMM... not sure but still no AF and no pimples, good sign, i normally don't get any pimples if i am preg, but get them alot close to my AF. Keep me posted!!!


TL - May 17

An ovulation predictor just really tells you if you are ovulating within the next 12-24 hours. I took a hpt today and it came up neg. I dont know if it was too soon to take one or if I really just am not preg. I dont know what is going on if Im not preg though. Maybe i am just about to start or something and all of the sypmtoms are just screwy now, I dont know. I will let you know either way. Good Luck to you.


R - May 17

sorry that last one was to TL not from


TL - May 17

R- Did you make sure it was one of the ones that detects like 4 days early? I pulled this thing up on line and you type in the date of your last AF, and it predicts with your cycle when you should be ovulating and when your the most fertile. I will have to copy and paste it in here. But anyhow, I sat and fiddled with it, to the date of May 6th that your fertile, and it says shouldn't be due for AF until around the 20th. So I am not getting excited, still won't get excited about anything until I absolutly know everything will be okay. If you know what I mean. Keep me Posted!!! I will put another post on her with the link.


TL - May 17

R- here is the link http://www.babyhopes.com/ovulation-calendar/index.html


TL - May 18

R- I am going to post and see if there are any others who have m/c in April, and see if they have AF yet...


R - May 18

Sounds like a good idea. Well to keep you posted I thought that i got my period yesterday, I went to the bathroom and was bleeding so i put in a tampon, a couple hours later I went to switch to a pad and nothing, This morning I had a little bit of brown watery stuff but no bleeding, now a little bit of bleeding again, this doesnt make sense to me because I am not suppose to start my period until the 20 because I ovulated on the 6th. I dont know what is going on I just prolly dont know my body anymore or something


TL - May 19

R- My hub and i had intercourse last evening, and then I went to bathroom this morning, had light pink when wiping, then each time I went to bathroom after that, crampy and all, my b___st are not as sore now, I put a tampon in, so we will see if it hits full b__wn within the day. Keep me posted. and Good Luck !! you can e-mail me if you like [email protected] - Keep in touch.


R - May 20

Well I started my period So I am sure that i am not pregnant now. This period is wierd though it is really painful and I am pa__sing a lot of clots and tissue. not like any other period that I have ever had. I wonder if they are alll going to be like this now. Well good luck to you


TL - May 23

R-thanks, good luck to you, I started mine on the 19th and stopped on the 21st with spotting when going to the bathroom. Kinda weird, but I guess that it what it is... good Luck keep in touch!



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