Ovulation After Miscarriage Anybody

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Suzie - February 14

How long after you miscarry do you ovulate? i normally ovulate on cd 14 during a normal cycle. I dont want to wait till i get af to start ttc again. doc gave me the ok to ttc right away.


Tara-T - February 15

I wondered the same thing. As a matter of fact, I miscarried in Jan. and about 11 days later I had what I thought was fertile v____al fluid, so my hubby and I had s_x. It's been about 4 weeks, now, and on a few occasions, I thought I was fertile. I guess we'll see if my period never comes... (my figers are crossed).


Danielle - February 15

I really don't know either. I had a miscarriage a week and a half ago. I want to start trying asap for a baby. I hope you get your answer.


Suzie - February 16

tara-t and Danielle, since we all are ttc right after m/c lets keep each other posted...good luck!


tara - February 16

I had a m/c back in the begining of Oct/04 and got pregnant in Nov/04. I started my first period after the m/c with in 28 days (on time as if I wasn't pregnant & m/c). I've read that if you m/c naturally (no D&C needed) you should ovulate on your normal cycle. So ladies, keep trying and have fun doing it ;o) best of luck to you all.


Kay - February 16

I experienced my first m/c yesterday and was wondering the same think. I checked and you will have your period 4-6 weeks after your miscarriage. This means your fertile period will be 2-4 weeks after the end of your miscarriage. You will need to watch your cervical mucus for signs of ovulation. Although I want to try right away some literature I read said that your rate of miscarriage can be higher in subsequent pregancies if you do not wait 2-3 cycles. Due to the emotional part of my first m/c, I do not want to experience this again so soon afterward.


Tara-T - February 16

I've heard also, that if no D/C then ovulation can happen in the weeks following m/c. I'm not sure why it is said the risk of m/c is higher after natural m/c because it seems to me ovulation is ovulation...and the lining would have properly shed, otherwise ovulation probably wouldn't occur. But I'm no doctor,and what I've heard is simply what others have expereinced. There have been many stories of succesful pregnacies right after miscarraige and before period. Other than the emotional STRESS, seems okay to try. I did. I'll let everyone know.


stacey - February 16

I had a D&E 3 weeks ago tomorrow. I think I was ovulating after 2 weeks- we'll hopefully see :) My dr. told us to wait one cycle to try again, but we chose not to wait b/c we know people that have had successful pregnancies right after. I heard/read that they ask you to wait so they can have a clear date for the conception.


mulgajill - February 16

Suzie.... well you do hear about the people who do not wait one cycle having bouncing babies, on the other hand i had my first m/c years ago, conceived pretty soon after and had another m/c... it was pretty devastating at the time... so i would wait one cycle... had a baby after the second m/c (did the safe s_x thing for a month) and am trying again now...(m/c again in dec 04).... and i do think that the body is not totally ready straight after... reading from here it is not just me that has the pmt/period from hell as the first period after m/c.... so i would wait the couple extra weeks, yeah, i know it is not easy.... good luck...


Angie - February 16

I conceived 2 weeks after I miscarried, so did my sister in law and so did my cousin. Theres a slightly higher chance that you will miscarry again if you conceive so soon, I think thats why they tell you to wait. Just keep trying. It's hard to predict WHEN you will ovulate when you don't have a period, but it can't hurt to try


Jo - February 17

i m/c on feb 2, and i think i may have ovulated on the 13th,,,usually my ovulations are really painful, this one was mild so i am not sure,,,so we shall see,,,my midwife said the reason they ask you to wait one cylce is so they can figure the due date better. she didnt mention anything about miscarrying again. well if i did ovulate over the weekend, theres nothing i can do to stop it now! :)


stacey - February 17

Jo- I love that we're constantly in the same boat! :) My dr. did mention a higher chance of miscarraige if you don't wait, but as I said before I know people that have also had healthy babies right after. My feelings are if I miscarry it's not b/c I tried too soon, it probably would have happened that way at any time (but of course, I hope it doesn't happen)!


CF - February 21

I miscarried over the weekend. I am sad, but like many of you out there, want to try again ASAP. I will see my OB tomorrow, but I have also read that ovulation begins 2-4 wks after miscarrying. Good luck to you all, and thank you for making me feel like I'm not the ONLY one who has m/c'd lately!


CP - February 21

I m/c 2 weeks ago and yesterday I finally finished with all the discharge. I am wondering too when will I ovulate and to try again. My gyn said to wait after the first period but it's more to do with knowing the due date, didn't mention anything else. My hubby and sis-in-law who are both doctors believe we can do it anytime.


Amy - February 21

I m/c on 1/26 and still haven't had af symptoms. We started ttc over V-Day weekend, so good luck to all of us! I am keeping my fingers crossed for sure. I'm not sure if I ovulated or not, but I've been too busy to notice.


Tiffany - February 21

I had a D&C on January 13,2005 I know I was ovulating 2 weeks later and got my period 2 weeks after that. I had s_x a couple of times since my af but I feel pregnant already and I shouldn't be ovulating till february 26 is this possible to be pregnant already?? I waited for my period my doctor really reccommended it your chances for another misscarriage if you don't wait are 1.5% higher (I am just paranoid)


Amy - February 21

What are your symptoms?



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