Ovulation After Miscarriage Anybody

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Amy - February 21

What are your symptoms?


Kelly G - February 21

Looks like I found the right post here. I have the same question. I miscarried back in January (the 21) and was given the OK to ttc right away, so I wasn't waiting for a period. Well, so far, no sign of af coming. I have no idea when to expect my period, so it's hard to pin point when we should have s_x. I've also read in some places that you should wait, and then other places say you can start whenever your ready. They mainly say to wait for one cycle so they can determine the due date, etc., but with technology these days, there is no need to wait if you doctor says OK. Keep me posted if when you get your period. Maybe we will all just preggers right away!


Jo - February 21

well i have somewhat good news. i know i definitely ovulated on saturday the 19th. so now its the waiting game to see if i conceived. and the great thing is that i ovulated on the day that my husband and i had an alone night away from the kids. i hope everything works out this time for me and for anybody else trying again.


B - February 22

what does ttc and sf stand for?


AmyF - February 22

"trying to conceive" I am with you Kelly G, I have noooo symptoms of af returning. So, I'm just guessing like you are. I am not as 'in tune' I guess with my body to tell if I am ovulating, so I go by the 14 day count.


Kelly G - February 22

Same here. I miscarried back in January, around the 21. We have been trying to conceive since a week after the miscarriage. No sign of af or a little bun in the oven, so who knows. Any idea on how long you should go without getting your period after a m/c before seeing the doctor?? It's only been a month for me, but just wondering. Hopefully the next time I have to go will be because I have a positive hpt!! Hugs and baby dust to all!


Waiting Time - February 22

Based on recommendation from my doctor, it is prudent to wait until a first regular period to ttc again. The risk of another miscarriage increases if you ttc right after one. I had an ectopic pregnancy, waited for 2 full periods and ttc - it worked for me. :)


AmyF - February 22

That's a good question Kelly G. I have no idea... I had a normal m/c (just like having a heavy period), but the Dr never said anything about a checkup. It's been 3 weeks for me. I guess if you don't have complications it's like you go back to your normal routine?


stacey - February 22

Kelly G- I had a D&E on Jan 28th, my dr. told me if I didn't have my period by mid March to make another appt. So that's about 6-8 weeks...


Kelly G - February 24

Thanks Stacey. My miscarriage was Jan 21 and still no sign of af. Guess I'll just have to play the waiting game for now....


stacey - February 24

Kelly G- you should get your period (or symptoms) by the first week in March- if you don't, I'd call the dr. Good Luck!


Shilpa - February 24

I am wondering the same thing! I m/c on 2/14 and am wondering roughly when to expect ovulation. I am hoping that it is roughly at the 2 week mark, but you never know I guess. The bummer is that it is going to be hard to figure out when we ovulate, which means it'll be hard to understand when to test and when we would be "late" or AF would be due. Oh well... I'd love to hear updates on some of you who tried (Tara T, Danielle, Suzie, etc.) since it's been a little while since your posts. Also, Angie- did you have a successful PG after you conceived 2 weeks after your miscarriage? Thanks!


Lauren - February 26

I m/c Dec. 6 w/ no D&C needed. The dr. told me to wait at least a month after to ttc again. 2 wks after,my husband was trying to comfort me & we ended up being intimate. I've always been regular, so i was expecting to get my period Jan 3rd (28 days after i m/c bec my dr said that my m/c was just like my period). I was indenial, it couldn't be (we only did it once)! I was afraid to call my dr & get yelled at for not waiting at least a month. She immediately scheduled a 2 appointments for blood test... and now I'm almost 3 mos pregnant. The same exact thing happened to my cousin. She's due in 2 weeks!!! I don't recommend what I did, but I just want you to know that's possible.


Amanda - February 26

Hmmm.. An answer or more questions? I've been using an ovulation kit - it worked very well at getting us pregnant. Sadly, m/c at 9 weeks. My d&c was one week ago today. So today, the kit shows that I'm fertile. That seems too soon. Anyone else here using a kit (and looking for fern leaves)? Are they wrong after all this or is it serious? Did we try today? Yeah, just incase. But I'm interested in what other people have found those kits saying after m/c.


Cyn - February 26

Amanda, I tried the ovulation kit after I noticed some light mucus (two weeks after m/c) but the result was negative. And I read somewhere on the net that ovulation testing is not exactly accurate after m/c. Anyway, we ttc before my first period after m/c comes, so keeping my fingers crossed. I had mixed feelings, on one hand I read that we should wait after one period, on the other hand, I read and was told the waiting is for charting purpose. Anyway....we shall see...


Danielle S. - February 27

hello! I m/c Feb 21 and I am ttc again. I'm a__suming I'll O in about a week so I would love to keep in contact and see if any of you get pregnant! Good luck!



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