Ovulation After Miscarriage Anybody

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nanabon - February 12

Hello ladies, I've been reading all of your posts and have found them to be a great big help. I had a m/c in early Jan and have yet to have my af. I had a follow up with my dr a week ago and she sd that i was still testing pos, but that my hcg level was 9.5. She sd that I either still had hcg in my system from the m/c or I was pg again. I know that every pg is different but I had a m/c in 9/04, took a test 2 wks later it was ng then 2 wks after that I found out I was pg with my daughter...who is a beautiful and healthy 10 mth old. I just don't know whether to get my hopes up or not....good luck to all of you out there who are ttc.


Daniella - February 12

nanabon- well... if thats your HCG from your last pregnancy then you should be ovulating real soon... so if your trying to conceive again right away, get busy girl!! hehe.... Also, the best way to know is just get your quants taken again in a couple days to see if they are going up or down. Don't hesitate to request this from the dr. Just say you want to know for sure. She shouldn't say no. WELL..... It took me 4.5 weeks after my D&C for my HCG to get down to 5. I also could have thought it was 5 from a new prengnacy, BUT my hubby and I were apart because of work, so NO way it was a new pregnancy.... but, only a few days after it was tested at 5, we finally met up and had s_x that one night.. lol... and 2 weeks later my HCG was at 134 from a new prengancy. So, the 5 was my old pregnancy HCG and I ovulated once it hit 0 and got pregnant again. :).... So, it really depends on what your HCG was at when you had the miscarriage. Once again.. if thats still your old hormones, GET BUSY, you'll be ovulating soon. If thats new hormones, only way to tell is to get them rechecked. My opinion is that they are still from your old pregnancy, but never know. Good luck!!!


nanabon - February 13

thanks daniella....well my hubby and i weren't exactly careful after the miscarriage if you get my meaning...lol! I guess that's why I am curious...but I plan on going back to the dr this week for the follow up hcg quant.. I'll let you all know more then.


Daniella - February 13

Good luck with that!! and in the meantime, if your TTC... get busy now just in case ovulation is on its way. hehe.... then test in about 2.5 weeks from now.... If I didn't get pregnant first ovulation.. I would have had my period exactly 7 weeks after my miscarriage. (since I ovulated 5 weeks after)... Hey do you know what your quants were the day you had your miscarriage?... maybe when you ovulated 2 weeks after your prior miscarriage that was because your HCG was pretty low..... so, it would have been 4 weeks after your miscarriage for your first period if you didn't conceive (oh and congrats on that, hehe)____Wait, I just reread... you have a 10 month old right now??? but you had a miscarriage over a month ago?? Not sure I understand. lol..... ANYHOW... as I was saying, you may have ovulated 2 weeks after your other miscarriage because your HCG was low. If your HCG was about the same this past one, then maybe the same thing is repeating, hehe..... but, if your HCG was much higher on this past miscarriage, then that level 9 HCG could definitely well be from your old hormones. Just in case if it is and ovulation is on its way... get busy girl!! (thats if your trying again)


nanabon - February 13

LOL...daniella....that was after my m/c in 2004. But thanks for the advice and as soon as I get back to TN on tuesday I have every intention of working on ttc...hey they always say practice makes perfect!!!


Daniella - February 13

nanabon- hah! thanks for clearing that. lol... well, good luck on the TTC. You just never know about the current hormones. When do you plan on getting another quant taken? Well.. if the level 9 was from your old pregnancy.. then you should be good to go on Tuesday. :) Keep posted!!


Daniella - February 16

Hello... just wanted to post.. how is everyone?? Sure hope you had a good Valentines Day!!! :)


nanabon - February 16

hello everyone...well i didn't get a chance to get to the dr before i found uut my answer, my appt was monday and my af started today. Oh well!! I'm not sure if we're going to try again, i'm still kind of exhausted emotionally from the last time.


nicole nelson - February 16

well nanabon i sure wish you luck. i hope everyone is doing ok in here. may God bless us all. nicole


Daniella - February 16

nanabon- if your AF started today then you can go from there. ITs not bad news, try not to get down on yourself. Just count 12 days from today and start bding like crazy. You should ovulate in 2 weeks from now. Good luck!!! At least you know that your HCG quants are all out and your period is getting back on track. That there is good news. So, now you can start TTC. :) Stay strong and don't give up!!


nanabon - February 16

Thanks daniella and nicole. I appreciate all of the help, it's been hard trying to explain how I feel to my friends and family when they haven't gone through it. It was nice just having someone else to be a sounding board!! Good luck to everyone else.


Liz H - February 20

Hi everyone! Well, I finally got my af 59 days after m/c, so I was right about my ovulation dates, but no luck on conceiving that time around. Looks like my cycle is right back on track at 28 days, so I'll keep trying! I'll keep you posted - thanks for all the help and support!


nanabon - March 8

Hello everyone....well I had my af on the 16th of Feb and ovulated on the 2nd. It's only been a week since my ovulation but i'm already having odd signs....I only become lactose intolerant when I'm pregnant and both yesterday and today I had terrible indigestion after a bowl of cereal and gla__s of milk respectively. My af isn't due until the 16th, so I guess I'll just have to wait. Does anyone know how soon you can test for pregnancy? I heard that a blood test will show HCG at between 7 and 10 days. Any advice would be helpful...


sebrob - March 14

I have not been on this site in a while so I did not know how to register with my old info but this site knows me as MRS. S-TEXAS. I just wanted to let those of you who kept up with the postings several months ago that I am now pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!! I am exactly seven weeks. I was very suprised bcuz my cycles were still messed up since my last d&c in july of 2005. So, there is hope. Don't give up. I really did not want to let anyone know until about 12wks, but I had a sono yesterday and doc says things look good for now. I am keeping my fingers crossed for now. I hope I am in everyone's prayers. Will keep ya posted.


Daniella - March 14

MRS S TEXAS- OMG, that is wonderful!! You wouldn't believe how much I have thought about you. SO, that is very good news!! Thanks for putting a smile on my face. I am so happy for you!! Email me sometime.. if you lost it.. its "Jarhead4me2@aol.com" WOW!! Congrats!! ____nanabon- actually a blood test can see HCG at only 5 days past ovualtion... yet, a HPT early test can detect at 10dpo. So.. if you are due in 2 days from now you should be good to test. Its been almost a week since you posted last.. whats the news?? :)


sebrob - March 18

Daniella, I think something is wrong with your email bcuz I have emailed u several times and I don't get a response. Let me know if u get this.



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