Ovulation After Miscarriage Anybody

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sebrob - March 18

Daniella, I think something is wrong with your email bcuz I have emailed u several times and I don't get a response. Let me know if u get this.


Daniella - March 18

No.. haven't got a thing from you.... :( Are you Emailing to "Jarhead4me2@aol.com" ??


nanabon - March 20

Congrats Mrs S-Texas...sorry I haven't been on in a while Danielle, things have been pretty hectic. I went to the dr last tuesday and had a blood test done which came back negative...so after talking to my hubby I went ahead and arranged to have an IUD put in on Friday...the 17th. I went in for the procedure and the dr made me do a mandatory urine sample....lo and behold...I'm pregnant!! The dr sd I'm only like a week along....my hcg was 68 on fri..so they had me come back in today and it was 286. So things are looking good!! I have to go in again in 2 more days to make sure my levels are consistently rising....so wish me luck!!


Daniella - March 20

nanabon- congrats!! although, I would say you hit 2 weeks on Saturday. My HCG was 134 exactly 2 weeks past conception.. and 370 exactly 2 days after that. So, 286 is about 15 days past conception. If you counted 15 days back from the day you got the blood taken which showed 286..... could you have ovulated then?? Ok... just looking at the calander.. could you have ovulated around March 4th or 5th??


mhenry - March 26

Here's my thought. If you are charting your temps....can you count "day one" of your cycle as the first day of your temp drop? (when pregnant, your temps stay high...unless you miscarry, then they drop when your hcg levels have drop)


Daniella - March 27

I know your temp drops right after ovulation. Your temp may or may not drop on the onset of AF.... you ONLY count the first day of your AF cycle when you see blood. If your temp drops and you don't see blood, then thats not your first day of your cycle. You have to see the lining of the uterus being shed. In fact some say you should count the first day you have a good amount and not spotting. But yea... the temp is usually best just to predict ovulation just occured. Thats about day 15 or 16 of a cycle. Not day one. I wouldn't do the temp thing to predict when your HCG is fully out of your system. Only after you get a cycle and to see if ovulation occured and then like you said..... if they sustain the same temp 16+ days after ovulation, you can expect possible pregnancy and take a test if no AF and temp still high. If you follow your HCG all the way down, you will ovulate (most will) once it hits under 5. Then count 2 weeks from that and you should get AF or BFP. Good luck!!


nanabon - March 27

Hello all....just wanted to update you on the progress....I went in last Thursday and my hcg was 687 and progesterone was 13.1 so they had me come in again today and my hcg levels were over 4000!!! They did an u/s and saw a gestational sac and a yolk sac but that I was still too early to judge how far along I am....but that everything looks good....so say a little prayer that it stays that way for me.....baby dust to all the rest of you!!!


Daniella - March 27

Hey nanabon- congrats!! also, sounds like when your HCG was just over 4000, you just hit 5 weeks - 5w2d. Give it 2 more weeks for your next ultrasound and you will be about 7 weeks and will see a heartbeat. Good luck! and once again, congrats!! that is so awesome! :)


mhenry - March 28

Your Temps actually Rise after you ovulate (although some people have a drop just before ovulation) due to the progesterone from the corpus luteum. Ideally they stay high until AF arrives , at which point they should drop back below your coverline. (although I know some people's stay up for a little even after AF arrives). I miscarried last cycle about 19 dpo. My temps stayed above my cover line for 6 days then dropped, which corresponds to my blood hcg levels taken at 3 different intervals. The reason I think you might be able to count the temp drop as day one is this. I was bleeding from the miscarriage....but still my temps stayed up. When they dropped it corresponded with my drop in HCG levels which makes me think this would be a reasonable day to consider day one (I know it's only a guestimate :) ) We may ttc this month despite the doc's advice to wait one cycle..... The pregnancy was so early I think a lot of people had they not been charting would have considered it a period. And the reason of dating doesn't mean anything if you're charting, since I will know when I ovulate based on my temps. Just my thoughts. :) sorry so long.


Daniella - March 28

mhenry- I believe your totally fine to TTC right away. As you said, most probably wouldn't even know they were ever pregnant. In fact so many woman do begin the implantation process and for whatever reason it just doesn't take and they bleed right around when AF is due. My periods were never normal, so I wouldn't have a clue. I tried doing the temp. thing, but due to my work (military) it never seemed to work. You need it to be roughly the same time in the morning before you get out of bed. I would always be working crazy hours, so no way I could do that. My BEST ovulation detector was actually the saliva scope. Anyhow... yea, I think your good to go. If your body is ready, it will. Good luck!!!! Also, since your mc was so early, your levels would drop real fast. Do you know what your HCG was when your mc started?? Mine was 9500 the day I had my D&C... it took 4.5 weeks for that to get down to 5. a few days after that I ovulated and conceived. So, if I didn't conceive, my first AF would have been week 7 post m/c. I am now 34 weeks. I never had an AF in between pregnancies and this is the best thus far. So, once again... good luck!! oh also.. meant temp drops right before ovulation (some may not even see it for its not a huge drop)... but, the only way to do the temp thing is to do it everyday of your cycle for a few cycles.. just to see a pattern.


mhenry - March 28

Daniella, I really appreciate your feedback. this will be my third month of temp charting and I think it has really given me a lot of insight to my body/cycle. I wake up anywhere between 5am and 9am. At first I didn't think the temp thing would work for me because I didn't get up at the same time every day. I kept charting though, and I really did see a pattern. I found out I ovulate on day 17 of my cycle rather than 14 so our timing had been off. But I know you have to have a fairly regular cycle for charting to work. But even if you don't, I think you'd still see a temp rise after you ovulate and that would be beneficial for dating the pregnancy and also know you've ovulated and that your body really is ok. But you are already at the end of yours, so that probably doesn't matter to you anymore. :)congratualtions! So you said you did not have a period between pregnancys. I think you are right. My hcg level was 59 ( I was bleeding when I went for the test, but I hoped I was "one of those women who have a period through their pregnancy...no such luck.) 2nd time they were 80, 3rd time 29, 4th time 4. That's all within a 2 week time frame. Anyway, I think we'll go for it this month. I really believe that if my body isn't ready to get prenant, it won't. Thanks again for your input! :)


Daniella - March 29

Hey, I really think you should come to the 4th continued thread from this one. This is the original one, as you see how long it takes to load. There had been 3 more made after this... So, the 4th one is something like.. Ovulation and TTC after miscarriage part 4, the sega continues! or something like that. Helene is the one that coninued it over. Also.... she was doing the charting her temps as well and JUST recently got a BFP. Her indication was her temp remained high day 18. She has been reading a fertility book that said, you may consider a HPT if your temp stays high that many days. She didn't think she was because she thought she missed the fertile days... well, she took an HPT and sure enough she was. So, she is all about the temps thing. Also, you say you ovulate day 17 of your cycle.. how long is your cycle?? You know average being 28 days... is yours longer than?? Because you should get your AF 14 days after ovulation. If you ovulated day day 17 and still get AF day 28, then your luteal phase is only 11 days instead of the good 14. Which means its shortened and can be a cause for something of a hormonal concern. Yet, if your cycle is 31 days, then ovulating day 17 is perfectly fine. :) Also, how regular are you cycles?? before and after the miscarriage?? Also, what date was your HCG down to 4 on??


Mrs Simpson - March 30

Man I sure don't have any answers, but I've got a lot of questions! I had a D & C done on 03/15, and on 03/26 I thought I was ovulating again. Stretcy CM. Is it possible to ovulate this soon after a D & C or is it something that has to do with the changes in my body?


Daniella - March 31

Mrs Simpson- hey, you should come over to the part 4 of this thread (the sega continues).. this is the original one and hardly anyone posts here anymore and it takes forever to load. ANyhow, when you had your D&C, do you know what your HCG was then? HOw far were you, etc.?? When you ovulate again after a m/c or D&C, depends all on your HCG levels and how far you were, etc. Usually I would say there is no way you ovulated 11 days after a D&C unless you weren't very far at all. Yet, if you weren't that far, you probably wouldn't of had a D&C. Anyhow.... yea, you should come over to the ovulation and TTC part 4, the sega continues thread. Same people as here, just a new one since you can only type so much on these before they get real slow. :)


tami28 - January 10

a question i miscarried on 7th dec 2008 i was bleeding for 5 days i dont no when im ovulalating plus to top it off im irreluar can anyone help


diamondintherough1979 - February 5

I also had a beginning of a m/c on Dec 11, which lasted all the way until Jan 15th(a long story, but I was told b/c the hcg numbers went down that I was fine and didnt need ultrasound to see if all particals were gone, DOCTORS!!) on the 16th I began bleeding for 4 days and am unsure if this is a period or not. I am trying to conceive again



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