Ovulation After Miscarriage Anybody

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diamondintherough1979 - February 5

I also had a beginning of a m/c on Dec 11, which lasted all the way until Jan 15th(a long story, but I was told b/c the hcg numbers went down that I was fine and didnt need ultrasound to see if all particals were gone, DOCTORS!!) on the 16th I began bleeding for 4 days and am unsure if this is a period or not. I am trying to conceive again


SaraTJ - February 20

Hey ladies I am back, so I am wondering... it's been 8 days since my D&C and today I felt like I was ovulating, so I took a OPK and sure enough its Positive! However I still have a Positive preg test and I know I am NOT. Is it possible to ovulate with a HCG still in my system...??? I am so confused.... Anybody else experience this? ahhhhh.... ↑


Pearlab - August 13

I had a miscarriage starting on 07/09 and a ultrasound on 07/13 confirmed it. I had a physical on 08/06 and my doctor did a pregnancy test on my blood just in case because I had not had my period yet. She called me on 08/09 to confirm I was pregant. I have appt with my OB doctor on 08/19 to see how far along I am. Keep your fingers crossed everything goes well!


motherof2girls - June 19

I was wondering when exactly I would start to ovulate again. I found out I was pregnant May 14th and started spotting on May 26th. But on June 4th I pa__sed something that was about 1 and 1/2 inch long and was hard as a rock. I believe it was my baby. I was about 7 1/2 weeks pregnant when this happened. I then stopped bleeding on June 6th. Do I start counting from the day I started bleeding, the day I supposedly pa__sed the baby, or the day I stop bleeding to determine ovulation.


PositiveMommy - June 20

My son was stillborn at 21 weeks 3 days...had a heartbeat 20 minutes before delivery but dr said that he suffocated in the birth ca___l because the cord could be seen a few hours before i delvered....my water broke all of a sudden and he was born 4 hours later.....we want to start again right away....I am 34 and this was our first pregnancy....I was diagnosed with PCOS and we used chlomid to get pregnant after trying 8 years for it to happen naturally....drs also say that it is possible for it to happen naturally now that I have been pregnant....but what are the odds I would love to know....Hubby and I have decided if we dont get pregnant in the next 2 months we are goiing to use chlomid again but i would love to naturally get pregnant....it has only been 20 days since my son was born...i did not have to have a D & C which was great...I stopped bleeding a week ago but am wondering how possible it is to happen so soon...my babybump forum that i am on shows woman getting pregnant 2 weeks after miscaariage and D & C anyone have nay good news for me...


amg1219 - June 23

I was hoping someone could help me i had a d&c on April 21st and i got my first positive ovulation but it was positive for 4 days and then i got a negative. does this sound normal?



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