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Vickynj - July 21

I'm sure I could just be noticing every little thing, but since this is all new to me, I don't really know what to expect. Did anybody feel pains that resembled ovulation pains 10 to 12 days after your m/c date? I never felt these before the month I got my bfp back in April. What makes me more curious is the fact that back in April it was on the left side and now it is on the right, which makes sense if it is ovulation. This is soon isn't it? I, of course, don't want to jump the gun, even though I feel just like I did at the beginning of my first pregnancy, especially since your body can make major changes after a miscarriage. I guess it seems a lot more possible since my miscarriage was from what was presumed to be a blighted ovum, so wasn't my bleeding more like a late period? I could actually be that I was ovulating since my cycle normally lasts 25 days, that timing would be perfect if my m/c were considered as a "period". I guess I just tricked myself back into the 2ww, because of course I took advantage of my assumption and BD'd those days, lol. I took a test for good measures just to make sure it came up negative, so I could trust a test in 2 weeks. Anybody else go through this feeling around your ovaries about 2 weeks after your miscarriage?


jhb lady - July 23

hey I miscarried on 2 July. I have a check up on 13 July and the doctor said it looks like my body's getting ready to ovulate. On 16 July I started with egg white cervical mucus which lasted for 5 days, i know that i have ovulated, also had the cramping. I'm pretty in tune with my body. I had s_x on all those fertile days, dont want to wait, lol So now i'm waiting, i think i should have my period by 30 July, if not on 2 Aug i will do a test. So yes, one can definately ovulate so soon!! lots of luck, let me know


jhb lady - July 23

and oh btw i'm still having slight cramping, like i had when i was pregnant last time (short time) Maybe i'm imagining it, but lets hope!


Vickynj - July 23

Thank you! Good to know I'm not alone. I was thinking that maybe it was my imagination too. I don't want to get excited about a m/c normalcy I wasn't aware of.I agree, this feels like the cramps I had when I was pregnant. I believe that my period should be here on the 29th or the 1st. We are right there together! Keep me posted. Maybe we will get good news together. That would be great! Now I'm more excited than nervous. Wish I could test already. I do have a follow up appointment from my m/c on Monday, 26th, so hopefully my HCG levels will alarm them, lol. LOTS AND LOTS of Sticky Baby Dust to you!


jhb lady - July 26

hey good luck with your appointment today! Would be good if we have the good news together, hopefully by this time next week we'll know for sure. Where do you live? I'm in Johannesburg, South Africa


Shona24 - August 11

I had a d and c done on the 23rd of July I could have sworn I was ovulating between 13-16 days later I got all the cramping and g Bloating like before but I had my hcg levels checked and they were still around the 400 is this possible I'm now down past 100s since two days ago can u ovulate with hcg in ur system still


jhb lady - August 12

hey there. i read up that one is likely ovulate the first month after a miscarriage. I also thought i was, got the cramping and egg white cervical mucus for 5 days. Try to conceive again but did nt get pregnant. AF was late though.So i think its best to wait for a new cycle which i'm in now and see what happens. Good luck to you conceiving!! You cant as far as i know oculate with hcg in your system.



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