Ovulation And TTC After M C Or BIRTH Continued

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Daniella - October 17

Melissa- Hope your feeling better. As far as me... not sure what age has to do with it. I've lost 3 babies before JD and never bled any with the last loss at 12+ weeks. So, don't think being young means that bleeding is OK. If anything me being high risk, any blood is "bad" ya know!? As far as the homefront, well.. these are things that have started before I got pregnant. Its not pregnancy making me feel any different. If anything, being pregnant is making me think irrational due to trying to work things out because of the baby. Any rationally woman would have left right away. So, nope... he is probably thrilled I am pregnant right now because that is the only reason my a** didn't walk straight out the door. Not to get into it, but its a huge trust issue. So, its not about pregnancy feeling at all. Otherwise your totally correct, they can really mess with a relationship. ___Bee- STOP! LOL. Stop thinking of girl names, your going to have a boy!!! :P haha. I can't believe your due at the end of Feb. and I found out before you. That is so crazy! How you feeling? ___B&K's mom- You deserve answers. He is getting your money, the least he can do is serve you with answers. I wouldn't leave until you got them all! Hope next visit he has more "time" for YOU. That is awesome about the 3D/4D scan. I just loved it. I think between 26-32 weeks is perfect. Not too big to take up all the space, but big enough they have the baby fat, etc. Cute!


Daniella - October 17

Not sure who asked about the bleeding without looking back, but its still slightly there. Not clots or a lot, but its there. Usually first thing in the morning. What worries me is my last visit to the dr. She asked me some questions that sounded like she was worried about the lining of my uterus but never said because she didn't want to worry me. It didn't really dawn on me what she was asking or why, until I was driving home. Its something that you ask when a woman is TTC, not already pregnant. So, I wonder if she seen anything on the scan, but didn't say. I do know that in the ER the tech said he thought he seen fibroids but never heard anything since. I wonder if my baby is low in the uterus like what happens when you miscarry. My cervix wasn't very hard like it should. I know its just little things, but these all remind me of my last loss. I guess only time will tell. Oh, B&K's Mom- I started dilating at 32 weeks, but didn't go into labor until 4 days before my due date. So, you might just be having braxton hicks. :)


Bee99 - October 18

Daniella..Im feeling pretty good its getting hot here now summer is coming. I did feel a little off wen I would have been early pregnant but put it down to the move and then I had a heavy bleed put that down to it being only my 2nd period since I stopped b___st feeding turned out wen I had that heavy bleed that lasted 10 days I was in fact 8 to 10 weeks pregnant and so they have just gone on the ultrasound size to determin my due date...I do feel and (i think) look heaps bigger this time for 21 weeks wounder if Ill slow down or the patten continues. Keep us posted on you ok. B&Kmum hope you r well...same goes to all here.


Helene - October 19

Melissa -SOsorry about your dog. SO many times our cat has not come home at night and I have worried that maybe an animal had got him. Thta is an wful way to lose your beloved pet. SOunds like you are doing very wellwith the baby.Just one comment about the b/fing. YOu may be having a problem with the supply because you are taking a night off here and there to get some sleep (which is totally understandable). Unfortunatley, so early in the game (5 weeks) skiping those night feedings and letter her have a bottle may actually decrease your supply. The reason they tell you tofeed on demand the frst 8 weeks or so is that the more the baby nurses, the more your boody willproduce milk bceuasae it is "custom fir" to the bab's needs. Danielle - glad to hera the bleeding has slowed down. My freidn who is a little further along (she is due in April) said that she has had bleeding on and off and she never had that with her daughetr who is now 3. Her mom told her she had bleeding throughout when pregnant with my friend's younger sister. I hope thta helps in terms of keepign a stiff upper lip. As for the other issues at home- you guys have had some major life changes in the past year - a baby, a major move, new pregnancy -and you are at a milestoen inyour mariage (coming up on 5 or 6 years, am I right?). I don't think it is all that surprising that there is stress and issues. Not that it excuses actions, but I think that a lot of things com to the surface around this time, espeiclaly with all the life changes thrown in. Good luck, hon.We have a few issues goign on here at our house and I am hoping they all resolve as well.


Helene - October 19

B&K - THta is so close to Teddy's birthday! He was born 11/20, and my original due date was 11/25. Sorry to hear about your Grandfather. So nice that you used his name. Teddy's middle name (James) is for my maternal grandfather whom I never met (he died when my mom was a baby). Bee- I think Tara's daughter's name - Treya - is a beautiful name. We were just talking about the name Ileana yesterday because it is the name of one of my student's mom. I have a niece named Olivia nd I still haven't forgiven my brother for taking that name before I could! It went perfectly with my married name! My friend's daughter just had a little girl today -Hailey Grace. I know two little girls names Ella. One of the girls I used to coach had a little sister named Gianna. If Teddy had been a girl, his name would hav been Isabelle Madeline. Okay, that is al lI have.


Helene - October 19

oh, and i know someone who'sdughetr is Anneke.


Daniella - October 19

Bee- Im glad your feeling well. I thought I'd show earlier too with this one but I've actually lost 10 lbs. Stepped on the scale yesterday and couldn't believe my eyes. I just dont feel pregnant yet. Kinda weird. So, when is your next appt.? __Helene- Ya, I totally agree with you... you need to keep bfing around the clock early on to keep a good supply. I was lucky and had no problem. I could sleep an entire day (not that that ever would happen. LOL) and still produce just fine. In fact many times I skipped a feeding or pump, I actually started leaking bad and the next round I totally made up for it and then some. So, I was lucky there. Although, a lot of women will start having their supply slow down with just pumping or not feeding too often. Everyone is different but ya, the first 2 months is pretty crucial on that. As far as the homefront.... well, this has been an on going thing so can't blame the move or anything. Yes, we are just about hitting 6 years. Anyhow, it takes 2 in a marriage and my husband just isn't putting anything into it. Nothing I could do there. Not proud to admit but we actually went to counseling already (in Japan) and it didn't work. My husband has a problem with not knowing what the word "truth" means. Bah~ Men!!


Bee99 - October 21

Daniella... sorry to hear about the way things are going for you and DH hope it gets better. I book into hospital Friday and my next appt. is Mon 21st Nov just to get glucose test and all organised then I can just go to midwives unless there is some reason for them to woory about you you dont go back to Dr until 38 weeks or you can still c the DR through your pregnancy Iv never had the option to use the midwife care but I hear they are great.


Bee99 - October 21

Helen..Thanks for the ideas we had thought about Hayley but couldnt get over the comet thing.....I liked alisha and almost had DH convinced on it b4 I came up with Erin we knew a Elisha and she was a truck stop but I love the name all the same....I mifgt try him again on it.


MelissaK - October 22

Thanks everyone for the kind words about my dog. We planted a tree this weekend and buried his remains next to it. Life moves on I guess, makes me teary to think about. On the baby front, Lexi freaked me out on Sunday. For 2 days she was SO sleepy, barely staying awake for like 15 mins during the day. And she does not eat a huge amount with feedings (between 2-3 ounces). I started freaking she was starving hence the lethargy. I called the doc who said she is having a growth spurt. Come to think of it, we had to move her into the larger diapers and she is gaining weight! But my BIG problem is the night time. She goes to bed before 8 pm, and sleeps until 2:30 am, then wakes for a decent feed (3 oz.). I do give her a dream feed at about 10:30 pm right now. She never wakes for it, just guzzles. And THEN she wakes at 4 am! For only a 1 oz feed! So she is not necessarily waking from hunger. And then awake for the morning at 6:30 am. So when 2:30 hits, that's it! Night is over! So in your experience, is it really until the baby starts solids that she will sleep through the night - or at least just have one wakeeup? Do solids start at 4 months? Oh, how nice it would be to have just the one 2:30 am wakeup!


coda - October 22

sounds like lexi has turned night into day some babys do this. in my experiance when they go through a growth spurt they have feeding frenzys rogue would be constantly on my b___b and because she was brest fed i dont know how much milk she was taking so i cant help you there. maybe look into your routine to see if you can get lexi to change her pattern its only diffecult for 2 days but worth the ha__sle cos you get a good nights sleep rogue use to sleep 12 hrs at night but i fed on demand and you cant really do that with a bottle unless your up to making lots more bottles? rogue fed about every 2hours during the day then at 8pm she had a final feed and that was her till 8am in the morning. i dont know if thats any help? rogue changed when we moved her and see did not sleep through for 7 months cos she was in our bed but now were are in our own house she goes down at 7pm wakes at 3am (she is teething) gets some water then goes back down till 7am so life is alright still a broken sleep but its better than being up 3-4 times a night. rogue started solids at 4 months and thats when her sleep pattern changed to being awake at night but we did do a trip back to the uk which knocked her body clock and moving to nz.


Daniella - October 22

Melissa- JD was drinking 8oz. a feeding at 8 weeks. He started solids at 3 months. They told us to start around 4 months but he was ready. Although, each child is different and he was a very strong boy so he was able to sit up really good and swallow no problem. He also skipped his midnight feedings by 5 weeks as well (probably because he drank more at a feeding so he lasted longer). He then started skipping his 3am feeding completely shortly after. So, when he was born he drank every 3 hours around the clock (every 2 the first week). So, he would have a feed at 6pm, 9pm, 12pm and then 3pm. It was nice when he went from 9pm to 3pm by 5 weeks because that was a nice little break I finally had. Then he skipped his 3am feeding only like a week after that. So, he went from 9pm to 6am. Then about a week after that he skipped his 9pm feeding. So, he went from 6pm to 6am sleeping 12 hours straight EVERY single night for sure by 3 months old. As far as solids.... well, feeding them solids doesn't always mean they will sleep better. In fact I know some women who still feed their 1+ year old at midnight and of course they are on solids. Every baby is different. JD started sleeping really good when his appet_te increased to 8-10oz. feedings by a couple months old. At first his doctor was like, holy cow on the 8oz for a 2 month old but he said that JD is perfect size so give him what he wants. However, even though his feed was a lot, he was going a long time between feedings. So, do what works best for your little one. Just dont a__sume that solids will help her skip her late feedings. Many times those feedings aren't about foods, but more for comfort. It takes time, but no worries... she will be sleeping good soon since your not letting her sleep in your bed. Almost all my friends with the feed/sleep problems are the ones that let their little one sleep with them in their bed with them. That only makes things worse. By 2 months they should be in their own crib (or cot as coda says, hehe) and eventually will sleep good through the night. Good luck!!!


Daniella - October 27

Well, thats it, another loss!! I just knew it! The baby stopped growing about 2 weeks ago. Anyhow, Im just really upset right now at ppl that tried saying bleeding is normal. Well, no! Not for me! Just because some people bleed during pregnancy and go on just fine doesn't mean thats the same for others. I never had bleeding during my pregnacies and it doesn't run in my family. It is NOT normal!! At any rate, it wouldn't have mattered if I went to the ER with the bleeding sooner because there is nothing that could have been done. The placenta had ruptured off the lining of the uterus beyond repair. So anyhow, off to another D&C on Monday. This makes me so sick to my stomach. It just hurts so bad at everyone telling me Im sure things will be just fine. THey said that with my last loss as well and look. Also, once again... age has nothing to do with a loss. It hurts just the same just because Im not over 30 (yet!) I dont think that really matters. This is now my 4th loss. Getting very old!


Helene - October 28

Oh Danielle! I am holding back the tears as I type this. I am so sorry to hear this. It is so not fair. At least if it would have been low progesterone you could have tried the supplements, but like you said, this bleeding is so not like what you had before. I remember how people kept telling me that they had bleeding and what not and I remember thinking, well, I hope that is the case with me, too. But I never had bleeding with Teddy (unless you count that weird black/purple colored clumpy stuff I had that one time with the progesterone and don't think it was even that) so I know I would have felt the same way about any bleeding as it only happened when i m/c'ed. I am sorry if telling you about my friend who had bleeding was the wrong thing. I meant it as just a glimmer of hope. I know I avoided saying that things would be all right because, well, I am not God or a doc and I don't know nor do I have the right to say that. And even more so, I know that whenever things scared me and people said, it will be fine, you just need to stay calm I wanted to kick the sh** out of them 'cause it seemed so condescending no matter how kind they meant it. It is so not right to have to go through this yet again, especially hen you must have been feeling that things had finally been figured out and solved. I know that is how I have felt about the progesterone thing and now that I have been getting these wacky periods (25 days) and hearing that you are going through another loss makes me think, well, what if something else happens when I get p/g again (if I ever can)? I know you said throughout the whole pregnancy that things just felt strange, the bleeding, and the odd cramps. I forgot all about this, but the first time i was p/g, i told my friend who was also pregnant (her 2nd time) that i felt like the circus had come town and settled in my stomach and she looked at me oddly and said, really, I don't. And when I was p/g with Teddy, I felt things but they were different - I just had nothing to compare it to the first time. You had JD to compare this p/g to, so you knew that things were not the same. I think than is why it was extra aggravating when people said, oh it will be okay. Oh hon, I wish I could give you a big hug and have a good long, loud cry with you. Actually, I am on my way into the shower and I think I will have a good cry in there. It is my favorite place to cry (besides my car, but that only works on long lonely drives on highways). I have been having some stress lately and needing a good cry and your news was just the last straw. OH hon, I will be praying for you and your new little angel.


Brocknkatiesmom - October 29

Daniella-I am so sorry!! I know the words don't help but you will are in my thoughts and prayers. I remember how hard it is.


Tara S - November 9

Daniella, Im so sorry, you have been through so much.I can't even describe how bad I feel for you.I hate when people say things will be fine or try and confort you with words. Nothing anyone said made me feel better.Sometimes life just seems so unfair, thats how I feel. The people that are wonderful parents have a hard time getting pregnant or thier babies die and the ones that abuse thier kids have no problems having babies. I wish I would have checked this earlier, but Ive been having some health issues myself. My doctor has referred me to a neurologist because of my numb leg and seeing flashing lights. I guess thier testing me for MS, I remember Christy going through that on here and now Im really scared and stressed about the whole thing.Im really starting to feel like life can be so unfair and I honestly was ready to start enjoying my life after having a few down years of losing babies and then I have to be struck with health issues. Helene, Im going to check some pictures you sent me of Teddy. I think that will cheer me up. Daniella, My heart goes out to you right now!



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