Ovulation And TTC After M C Or BIRTH Continued

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Tara S - November 9

Daniella, Im so sorry, you have been through so much.I can't even describe how bad I feel for you.I hate when people say things will be fine or try and confort you with words. Nothing anyone said made me feel better.Sometimes life just seems so unfair, thats how I feel. The people that are wonderful parents have a hard time getting pregnant or thier babies die and the ones that abuse thier kids have no problems having babies. I wish I would have checked this earlier, but Ive been having some health issues myself. My doctor has referred me to a neurologist because of my numb leg and seeing flashing lights. I guess thier testing me for MS, I remember Christy going through that on here and now Im really scared and stressed about the whole thing.Im really starting to feel like life can be so unfair and I honestly was ready to start enjoying my life after having a few down years of losing babies and then I have to be struck with health issues. Helene, Im going to check some pictures you sent me of Teddy. I think that will cheer me up. Daniella, My heart goes out to you right now!


Brocknkatiesmom - November 17

Hope everyone is doing good and is ready for the holidays.Daniella- How are you doing? I have been thinking about you. Well my c-section i sched for Friday the 23rd. I am ready but still a little nervous. The kids are very excited. The Dr took me off work on Monday. The 12 hour days on my feet were just to much. Otherwise things have been going pretty smooth. I am planning on coming home on Sunday. If I feel up to it. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving


Helene - November 28

Ladies,I haen't beeen on here fora long timeso I just saw your posts today. B&K _- Actually you were the reason I checked,. I though tyou were due some time around now. I hope all went wellwith your c-section.I am amazed you managed to do those 12 hour shifts for this long. I hope that you are recovering well and that your little one is healthy and a joy to you! I will chek back nest week to see how you are doing. Tara -I am so sorry about your health issues.I hope that itis just a pinched nerve or somethign and not MS. That is so scary. yes,I remembre when Christi posted about that and I felt awful for her -certainly did not envy her. I know this is weeks loater - how did your test go?


Brocknkatiesmom - December 4

Hi to all. I hope everyone is doing good. I see that there hasn't been any activity lately. Where is everyone? I am at home and settling in with my wonderful baby boy. Keegan William Lewis was born on 11-23-07 at 10:42 am by c-section. He was 8lb 1oz and 20 inches long. His big sister and brother are very proud of him. The birth was a little rough. He was stuck and they had a hard time getting him out. I was very bruised and swollen down below. Other than some feeding problems(his tongue wants to stay at the roof of his mouth) we are doing good. He has a hard time nursing due to the tongue problem but he has taken to the bottle well. So I spend all of my free time pumping. I wouldn't trade him for the world. Hope to hear from all of you soon.


Mediterranean - January 29

Hi All,

I know that this is an OLD post, like almost 10 years old LOL, but I have been following you since you started this forum in 2005 and I feel like a novel that just ended in the middle of the story :(  In case any of you still check this or still get notifications of new messages,  I wanted to post.  I hope everyone is great and there have been many more healthy babies in the past years.  What did Bee end up having?  What about Daniella, did she have any other successful pregnancies after her loss after JD?  I've had two back to back miscarriages myself recently and I know this group has been successful for almost all of you and I'd like to have a positive story as well. 




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