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sophieoakley - February 22

Hi chimpette , pikkweyn, pearl and everyone else. hows it going? how you guys feeling? i have just finished my firrst period since d&c and taking my tempreture everyday to see when ovulation happens. even though i wont try for a baby this month i want to see what pattern my body is in so i will know better for next month. where are you ladies in your cycles? I think i am healing now from the miscarriage, but feeling a bit nervous about being pregnant again.


Pikkewyn - February 22

Hi sophieoakley I had my first period after the D&C on the 4th of Feb, has been using OPKs from day 12 - 18 and hasn't had a positive result. I think either I missed my ovulation or I didn't ovulate this month. And I decided not to test anymore. We have been trying though, so I hope that I just missed the LH spike and that I ovulated... and that maybe... just maybe... I think its normal to be nervous about being pregnant again. I keep on thinking how I will handle it. How can we be positive and enjoy our next pregnancy without being scared of another m/c? But I'm sure we'll make it. Especially after week 12. Lots of babydust to us all. I hope that atleast one of us will have a positive HPT to report soon.


sophieoakley - February 22

Hi Pikkwyn, i hope you are pregnant!the only thing is i think that our cycles can take a while to get back to normal. I hope ovulation will happen on the 27th so next month i can start ttc. I have my hopes a bit high for next month, i dont know how i will take the dissapointment if i get af. ive conceived twice and both times were within the first month. I suppose with this next pregnancy we have to take it one day at a time and have alot of emotinal support from wherever we can find it and leave it all in Gods hands. I know it will be harder but yes week 12 will be a huge relief , i think i will celebrate! Hoping for a bfp for you!


Chimpette22 - February 24

Hi Sophieoakley, I had my first AF on the 10th Feb following my D&C on the 7th. I've been using opk's since day 12 and I think today I got a nearly positive so I'm hoping I will ov either tomorrow or friday. I'm also hoping that I'm back to my normal 29 day cycle, but I guess I could be hoping for too much. I'm scared about being pregnant again and I know i'm going to be so nervous about it all, but I just want another baby so bad that it has made me overcome my fears, although like I said I know i'm going to be very nervous once I get that BFP up until 12 weeks. Good luck to us all, keep us posted! xxx


sophieoakley - February 24

Hi Chimpette, i will also start with using the opks tomorow morning. i cant beleive that next month i could be pregnant again, the time has gone so quick. Is it ok to exercise alot around ovulation time? i want to give my body the best chance. good luck ladies in trying to conceive this month! i cant wait to hear what happens.


snycks - February 24

Chimpette22. Hi. Don't be afraid to try. Do everything you should to prepare your body. My DNC was at the end of January and incredibly i've already had my period and am ovulating right now. My doctor told me to make my uterus a virtual mecca by taking prenatal vitamins, drinking lots of water, eating cheese and drinking milk for calcium. Nothing ventured nothing gained...and theres nothing like the gain!


Chimpette22 - February 25

Hi Sophieoakley, I'm not too sure to be honest I try to do as little as possible try to give it abit of extra help along the way. But I think they say that it doesn't matter. I hope you fall pregnant this month. Good luck! xx Hi Snycks, Well I am trying so fingers crossed I'll fall pregnant this month, and fingers crossed for you too. Man alive eating cheese I should have a uterus like a god.. the amount I eat.. haha! xxx


Pikkewyn - February 25

Hi Ladies. Sophieokley, to answer your question on exercising: I read an article my doctor gave me on "How to get pregnant". In this article they mention 4 things to do before you start trying: 1. Cut out caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes 2. Stop over-exercising 3. Achieve your ideal weight 4. Reduce stress and depression. "According to US fertility expert Dr Alice Domar even moderate levels of exertion may contribute to infertility. She recommends that we take a 3 month break from exercise that raises the heart rate to more than 110 beats per minute." She also states that women with a body ma__s index of between 24 - 30 are most fertile. So my suggestion would be to only do moderate exercises ie walking and make sure that you don't raise your heart rate to high. Lots of baby dust to all of us...



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