Ovulation Two Weeks After D Amp C

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Chas - April 29

I just stopped spotting since my d&c almost two weeks ago (4/18) Could I be ovulating already ?? I've had some clear cm, and some creamy cm also.. like I use to get right before ovulation. I don't know.. maybe just wishful thinking ! I am so confused ! Want to start trying again soon :)


gemini_star1983 - April 29

Hello Chas, sorry for your loss. You may well be ovulating right now! I ovulated after my natural m/c and got pregnant 2 weeks after i stopped bleeding...(and everything is fine, i'll be 4 months on wednesday). I ttc right away and didnt listen to the doctor's advice...which was try after 1 'normal' period it may be different for you as you had a d&c and need to heal. I had ovulation pain too something which i had never had before...like a burning pulling sensation?!? Come join us on the fresh start thread and post your questions there...you'll be sure to get answers! take care and sticky baby dust ....Marie.


Chas - April 29

Thank you for responding. That is great news! I really hope we can conceive right away. So... how did you know you were pregnant? (if you didn't know when you would start af?)


Happiness to come - April 29

Hi Chas! Sorry for your loss as well. I had a miscarriage on 4/17 and a d & c on 4/18. I didn't really have any bleeding after the d & e but I can't tell if I am o yet. Did you dr. tell you that you can start trying right away or did he tell you to wait. Mine told me to wait 2 cycles. She also told me no s_x until I see her again, which is May 8th. I would love to hear differently. Let me know and good luck to you!!


Chas - April 29

Happiness, my doctor told me to wait to have s_x until I seen him again, which is Monday. but we made love Wednesday, (which was 8 days after d&c) As far as ttc, he said we could try after one cycle, just because after one period it is easier to date the pregnancy. Since we have already made love, and I feel fine.. we are going to start trying now. I think your body can tell when you are ready. I have stopped spotting and my regular cm is returning. I am hoping to ovulate soon ! Good luck to you.. I would do what feels right to you !


Susan W - April 29

Yep, you can ovulate that soon. If your doctor said what my midwife said -- to expect AF in 4-6 weeks -- that means you must ovulate in 2-4 weeks. There's several of us on here who conceived again before that first AF, and there's no real reason to not start ttc again if you're ready and nothing out of the ordinary happened. The main reasons doctors give is that you might not be emotionally ready and it makes it harder to date the pregnancy. I knew when I ovulated, knew when we did the deed, and thus knew exactly how far along I was. Besides, I think that reasoning is stupid anyway. If they give you an u/s before 12 weeks, the embryo measures will tell the doctor how "old" the embryo is a whole lot more accurately than a LMP which a__sumes ovulation on d14, which most of us don't do. Good luck.


Chas - April 29

Yes, I agree Susan, I think it's stupid to Not try just because the doctors want a date to go by! That is what they get paid for! Did you conceive again before af ? after a miscarriage ? I know.. my friend has a 9 month old and just found out she is pregnant again. She didnt' even remember when her last period was, so they just did an ultrasound and dated it from that ! She is 12 weeks now, and the baby is literally 12 weeks !! easy enough!


gemini_star1983 - April 30

Hello again Chas! I charted everything i felt so here goes!... felt tired,weepy and a tiny bit sick....never had any morning sickness with this pregnancy thank god! different story with DS!, needed to pee all the time,achy right side of pelvis and back,sore swollen bbs, hot, loss of appet_te. This happened 4 weeks after my m/c. hope this helps! just keep posting those questions if you need help....take care...Marie.


Chas - April 30

Well guys, I did a hpt and an opk last night to see what was going on. My hpt was negative, so my levels must be almost down all the way. The opk had both lines. The test line not as dark yet as the control line though... but I still think I will be ovulating soon. What do you guys think ? I am now 12 days past the d&c. ?????



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