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ALISON - May 10

I had my 3rd miscarrage on the 27th of March and exactly 28 days later had my first period. thing is I have been testing since day 11 to see if I am ovulating and I am now on day 15 and still haven't ovulated. I am begining to wonder if I ovulated early or is it possible not to ovulate ??????? I have been using the advanced LH ovulation strips


Chas - May 12

Hi Alison, you said you got your first period 28 days later. Did you have symptoms of it getting ready to start ??? It is possible not to ovulate, or you could have ovulated before cd11. I usually start my opk's on cd8 or so, because typically I would ovulate on cd11 (this was before my miscarriage) Now, I am waiting for af since m/c and that's why I was asking if you had any pms symptoms ??


ALISON - May 14

yes I felt my back sore which I usually do but other than that can't remember, how sad is that!!. I am beginning to think I either ovulated early or haven't at all. I never knew you didn't always ovulate unless you had no periods and I am now beginning to wonder if that is why it has taken me so long to get pregnant.


Lucky2HaveOne - May 14

I just got my AF, 8 weeks after my m/c. I want to get pg right away, so I'm going to do the ovulation strips too, just to be sure that I am ovulating. I've heard that having a mc can affect this. I've never used them before. When you say cd8, does that mean 8 days from when your period ends, or 8 days from the 1st day of your AF? Any advice would be appreciated! I bought one of those kits with 7 strips, but I saw another one with like 20 strips and it said a 1-month supply. Does anyone know the difference between these?


Lucky2HaveOne - May 27

I had my first AF 8 weeks after the d&c, and now I'm on my first cycle. I'm on CD18 and according to my BBT, I have not ovulated yet. I hope it happens soon!


ALISON - May 29

well my second AF came since the miscarrage and I have never experienced anything like it, it was so heavy and the clots were unbelievable. I said to myself I would try for 2 months then give up (44 in July and it worries me) so will see what this month brings. will start testing with the ovulating sticks maybe from day 10 this time.



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