Pain After Undergoing Laporotomy For Ectopic Pregnancy

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Mel - April 22

I was wondering if anyone has had a tubal pregnancy and had a laporotomy? I did 2 weeks ago and I am still having ALOT of pain. How long does it take for this pain to go away?


Allie - April 23

I went through this just over 4 weeks ago, and am almost back to normal. My pregnancy had ruptured the tube, so I was inpretty bad shape when they did the surgery. At two weeks I was still in moderate pain, but I was taking it VERY easy (no lifting at all, just back to work at that point); I also occasionally still took a prescriotion pain killer at night, which seemed to help. Now I am still very restricted in the lifting I do, and feel no pain except when I do use my abs too much (lifting or trying to work out)...I just rearranged the bedroom husband is not going to be happy when he sees the moving I just did...but after a month, I can't handle sitting still any longer! Also, the R side, where the tube was removed, is still sore if I push even gently on that location (put I just make sure I don't push on it)...hope this helps! Please feel free to keep posting other questions helps to have someone else to talk to on this stuff. How far along was your pregnancy?


TL - April 23

I just had a tubal in November 04' doc went in and only removed the preganancy in the tube, and did not remove the tube. It was about a week before I got back to normal feeling, however still had slight pain on that side, but nothing major. I do know my insides took a while to heal, when I went back for my 2 week check up i was still very tender and sore... and he said that was normal, that it takes a while for your body to heal inside. Hope that helps some.


Mel - April 23

Thanks for your responses. I was 7 weeks along when I had the surgery. I was lucky that my tube was saved, but the pain is so bad sometimes that I can't lift my left leg without sharp pain in my abdomen(around where the ovary is). My surgery was actually almost three weeks ago, on the post I said 2. OOPPS! Time flies. It does help to talk to people that have been thru the same thing as me. I am sorry for your losses, I hope all of us have successful pregnancy's next time.


dom - April 25

hi, i would just like to say how lucky you are to have your tube saved at 7 weeks! i was 5 weeks when i had my eptopic and they took my right tube away this was 4 weeks ago now my pain is only just getting better so it does take time! i was worried too about the pain but it does get better, go to the docs if your very worried just keep taking the pain killers you will be ok. All the best.....


MEl - April 26

Dom, thanks for your response. I acyually am starting to feel better. I can sit down like a normal person now and not have to do it so slowly cuz it hurts so bad. As for pain killers, I am allergic to codene and percocet(plus that family of drugs) So, I really have no choice but to deal with it! It really sucks. I was really lucky that I got to keep my tube at 7 weeks. I thank God every day. I am sooo sorry you lost yours. I hope you have a healthy baby soon.



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