Pain Following D Amp C

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Angela.B.L - February 5

is it usual to feel quite a bit of pain? I have taken lots of painkillers, which are not really touching the pain. I was not expecting to feel like this, but i seriously dont know what to do with myself, sit, lie, stand etc. Its like horrendous period pains. I only had the procedure done a day ago, but i wanted to see if this is usual. I was prepared for the emotional i think, but not this and i can not even think of how i feel now other than physically


sososleepy - February 5

Angela, if the pain precedes large clots, I think it's normal (disclaimer, not medical person, just I think.) If not, and probably anyway, I would call the doc who did it to make sure. I hope you feel better soon! My doc gave me a script for pain meds (dnc after mc was a week ago) but I opted for beer. I don't recomment that; it just worked for me. I didn't have pain after really, not at all like the whole night before which was omg miserable.


Angela.B.L - February 5

i have had no part of a natural miscarriage. 2/12 weeks ago i had a bit of bleeding but i was not aware of it until i went for a shower, so no pain or anything. i knew from then though that i would miscarry. i had my emergency scans, then told to come back in 2 weeks etc etc. When i went on fri it had changed by 1mm. They wanted me to wait another 2 weeks but i knew, so spoke to teh dr and the sister and they both said it would not continue and it could even have been a discrepancy with the u/s as the growth was minimal - i should be 12 wks but the baby was more like 6 if that, so i dont think it would have happened naturally as it had taken so long. I have no clots, just awful awful pain. If no better in the morn il call them as this is unbearable - i read that people go back to work the next day - physically i dont know how let alone emotionally. Its not fair for any of us hey xx


sososleepy - February 5

Angela, If I were you I'd call the doc tonight. My doc has an answering service which provides a nurse who can call back for serious questions. Your pain might be normal, I'm not a doc, but if it isn't you want answers sooner rather than later. Here's what I found online at Will not allow the url so standard begining, forward slash on spaces and answers dot com topic dilation-and-curettage "Risks The primary risk after the procedure is infection. Signs of infection include: * fever * heavy bleeding * severe cramps * foul-smelling v____al discharge A woman should report any of these symptoms to her doctor, who can treat the infection with antibiotics before it becomes serious. D&C is a surgical operation, which carries certain risks a__sociated with general anesthesia. Rare complications include puncture of the uterus (which usually heals on its own) or puncture of the bowel or bladder (which requires further surgery to repair)." I tend to err on the side of caution, and if you're having that much pain please get checked. I don't know where you live, but I'm in the us and if insurance is an issue try the yellow pages under ask a nurse in the government pages... We have that in some places here.... when you say unbearable after dnc it scares me.


sososleepy - February 6

Are you ok? ( I mean, none of us are ok, but how are you feeling now?)


Angela.B.L - February 6

Hiya, thanks for the message. I am ok now, well physically. Had to go backin last night and back out today, i still have a bit of a nagging pain but nothing like it was. I am in the UK so luckily insurance etc is not an issue. Thanks so much thou! I hope you are well x


sososleepy - February 8

I'm very glad to hear you're feeling some relief from that pain! You had me worried for you. I completely understand "feeling better physically". I'm not crying every day any more, but I feel really empty. Take care! Each day that pa__ses makes me feel a little better (emotionally), and I hope you start feeling less down as well.



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