Painful First Period After M C

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Angie - April 30

Af came for the first time since my m/c last night in the middle of the night. She came with a vengance waking me up with cramps like never before and bleeding that seems like will go for years. I'm having worse cramps and bleeding than I did with the M/C. Is this normal? I cant walk without doubling over in pain. I'm also having blood clots. More than with the M/C. I m/c on 3-27 so its been 33 days. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


sarah - April 30

i too have af now.i had my m/c on 28 march ..pain was bad on day 2 when it really started up but subsided now to only occasional slight pains.. ive had a few clots only very small though. I would go to the dr if pain is more than u can stand as it may be heamorrage..b careful and look after yourself!! take care x


Frances - May 2

Hi Angie, I suffered my 2nd m/c on Apr 3 and my period started yesterday with very heavy bleeding and clotting- as bad if not worse than with the m/c, which, unlike last time when I had a D&C, I managed to go through myself unaided. I don't know if this is normal, but will contact a doctor if it doesn't ease off over the next day or two. I'll keep you posted, but hang in there. All the best


Julie - May 2

Hopefully I can be of some help here. Nobody really talks about the period after m/c they just say they got it. I had a natural m/c on 3/21 started bleeding and then heavy on 3/22 until 3/30. My periods have always been miserable. Heavy, clotty, and crampy (very painful and sometimes it hurt to walk). Days 1-3 of my period would be bad. Then days 4-7 (yes 7 days), would be mild to light. This first period after the m/c started light (mostly old blood and spotty). This lasted for 3 days. Then on day 4 I had heavy bleeding and some clots. Cramps, pain, etc. Day 5 was heavy too but not painful. Day 6 is today- It's not heavy, but not light. It's also not painful so that is good. My period was also a lot more clottier than with the m/c.



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