Parkermegan Egg On Sonogram

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madison - March 3

i think you posted that your doctor saw an egg on your sonogram recently? well i went in today, 3 weeks post d&c, and my dr. also saw an egg and said i should be ovulating soon. i am very excited to see that my body is getting back to normal. my hcg level is still at 101 but he said we can ttc anytime.


parkermegan - March 3

My dr told me not to ttc until I was back to 0. Some women on here say 5 or under. But she told me that until you are back to 0 your mc chance goes up due to left over tissue. 101 does seem high to me to already be trying again. My dr is a specialist for women who have miscarried or have fertility problems. I think all dr's have a complete different opinion on the matter. But 101 does seem high!


madison - March 4

parkermegan, do you know how soon you ovulated after you saw the egg on your sonogram? just curious. i read online that you can ovulate anytime your hcg gets at 100 or below. we're just going to see what happens, we're trying but we're not trying, you know. i'm just in shock that i saw an egg and finally feel like my body is back to normal. i was worried that it was going to take longer. thanks for your postings! sorry i put your name on the t_tle, i couldnt remember what posting you had mentiond this on.


parkermegan - March 4

I went to the dr and saw my egg on Tue and ovulated on Friday. I dont mind that you put my name in the posting so I actually got to read it!! I would be kind of worried about trying again if my hcg was still that high. I mean if you did mc again then you would have to wait another 6 wks or so to ttc again. My dr told me tht about 75% of her patients that ttc before their hcg hits 0 (against her advice) miscarry again. That seems high to me so that makes me glad that we waited. Good luck to you!!!


parkermegan - March 5

madison, are you ttc right away or waiting? Or just seeing what happens?


madison - March 5

we are not necessarily trying, but not trying to prevent it either. i'm just going to do what my doctor said. i think my body will not conceive until its ready, either. my mom safely conceived within a month after her mc and i see many women posting on here that they did, as well. so i gues we'll just see what happens. by the way, how did you know that you ovulated on friday, did you use an opk? those always worked for me before. when are you supposed to get af?



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