Parshal Molar Pregnancy

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lorraine - December 10

hi I had a parshal molar pregnancy confirmed in october i was 14weeks had to have a dc now i go for regular blood tests every week to make sure my hcg levels are coming down there at 11 now have to keep going until there under 5 i was also told not to try to get pregnant for a year is there anyone else that went through this and went on to have a normal pregnancy i would love to hear from you


Joanna - January 27

I had a partial molar pregnancy in July and had to have a D&C at eight weeks of pregnancy. My doctor first told me I had to wait 6mnths then she turned around and told me to wait a year. But, i was already pregnant. I got pregnant again in late October and everything is fine. I am now 16 weeks, baby has a strong heart beat. I admit it was really scary at first not knowing if everything was ok, but thank god everything turned out good.


AshleyB - January 27

I don't know about molar pregnancies-what is it and why do you have to wait so long after wards to ttc again? If you don't want to answer, I understand, I was just wondering. Good Luck to you ladies!! Good Luck Joanna, I'll say a little prayer for you and your baby.


Me too - January 27

I have the same question... why are we told to wait a year with a Molar pregnancy, but with a m/c we are told to wait about 1 - 3 months?! What's the difference?


gemini_star1983 - January 28

I hope this helps i found it on this website...."Many women are frustrated when their doctor recommends waiting one year to become pregnant. This is actually important, because a rise in HCG levels may indicate a normal pregnancy when the patient is trying to get pregnant, or a recurrent molar pregnancy, which requires chemotherapy. To avoid this confusion we ask for a 1 year period without becoming pregnant." Take care, Marie.


K - January 29

Hi, just want to give all you ladies a bit of hope. One of my best friends had a molar pg and lost the baby at 13 wks. She had to do all the testing and wait a year, but then she got to try again and bingo, she got pg on the 3rd try. She now has a very beautiful healthy boy who's gonna be 2 in April. He is my godson and is fab. There is hope. Hang in there it will come good for you too. Good luck.xxxx


Virgilia - February 3

what is a molar pregnancy?


Susan W - February 3

A molar pregnancy is one where instead of a baby, an abnormal ma__s of tissue forms from what should have turned into the baby. It happens in roughly 1 in 2000 pregnancies in the US. In a partial molar pregnancy, identifiable fetal tissue is present. The recommendation is to wait a year, because molar pregnancies, in very rare cases, can become malignant (choriocarcinoma), spread to other organs, or repeat. Generally, waiting a year results in a normal pregnancy the second time around. Not speaking from experience, only knowledge. I have a friend whose sister in law had a molar, and she is currently 8 weeks pregnant and seems to be doing well. Good luck.


lorraine mc donald - March 15

hi joanna lorraine here thanks for replying how is everything going with the pregnancy would love to hear back


kristie - March 15

Hi Lorraine, I also lost my baby to a partial mole. I know how you feel and what you are going throug. I had mine D&C last year but the baby died at 8-9 weeks . How is all the blood work goin? How long do you have to wait to ttc? if you wanna talk plz get back and we will chat more. You are not alone. Good luck



Hi Lorraine, I am now 22 wks and my pregnancy is going fine. I've had three ultrasounds done, an amnio and I am blessed to say that we are having a healthy baby boy. I am at risk, though, for having some complications that can cause premature labor. My doctor a__sures me that it had nothing to do with the partial molar pregnancy. She said that every pregnancy is different and she is just going to have to monitor me closely to make sure that there are no complications such as diabetes, preeclampsia, etc. with the pregnancy. I'm praying that the pregnancy goes to full term and there are no complications. I will keep you posted. How is everything going for you?


lorraine mc donald - March 19

hi joanna its great to hear that things are going really well for you , im fine have to go back to the hospital in may that will be six months since the d/c hoping to hear that its ok to start trying again i feel may will never come. best of luck keep in touch Lorraine


lorraine mc donald - March 19

hi kristie nice to hear from you all the bloods are done back to normal have to go back to hospital in may for check up wil know more then hopefully will be told its ok to start trying again keep in touch lorraine



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