PART 5 BFP After Miscarriage Cautiously Happy

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JuJu - February 7

Well, it's on to Part 5! This thread was started way back in July when a few of us had just found out we were pregnant again after miscarriages.....and were trying our best not to worry ourselves crazy! We have been joined along the way by lots of other gals, and more are always welcome. So if you've had a miscarriage and are ttc again, or pregnant, or just recovering, it's be great to hear from you :)


JuJu - February 7

Hey; though I'd kick off the new thread with a fresh post! Might be a good idea to re-introduce here goes for me. I have a DH and 2 yr old DD, live in Australia and had 2 miscarriages last year. Fell pregnant again in July and am now 32+ weeks. So that's me! DIANN; sorry to hear that you've been struck with the flu - hope you are feeling a little better now! Very cute though how your little one reacts to your coughing ;) Will be interesting to hear how your scan goes, but it's not the end of the world if you still have a low-lying placenta. I am totally ok now with having another c-section - just want my little'un to arrive safely! ASHANTI; when do you hear back about your potential GD? I have the opposite problem to you (!) in that my bubba seems to be on the pet_te side. Always something isn't there?! And I do remember when you and I first crossed paths way back in our first trimesters - it's been quite a journey since then, but here we both still are, thank god! And I'm having a girl too! Re: shopping; I have completed most of mine but no; my bag isn't packed yet. Planning to get on to that asap though. Re: VBAC vs C-Section....I was open to either this time around - but I was probably leaning more towards a c-section, just because my odds of going through labour, and then still having to have a c-section anyway...were quite high. I think it depends a lot on why you had to have a c-section the first time. JAIRIA; I just can't believe that your old doctor said that your miscarried baby wasn't a 'baby!!! It just amazes me sometimes what comes out of the mouths of the very people who are supposed to support us. It's great that you have a new and improved doctor..... that will make things much better for you from here on in. BM; hope you're finding lots to keep you busy to take your mind off the waiting game - how long now till you can find out more about your baby? Hope the days are flying by.....and hope the results are rea__suring {hugs}. BECKBUNNY; hon, it sounds like you have so much strength in the face of all those challenges. I am just so glad that you have been able to make those important sounds like your DH didn't deserve you anyway....jsut sorry you have had to go through all that heartbreak. Stay close to that friend of your though ;) Hope you are able to post from time to time to let us know how you're going - all the best mate! {{hugs}}. BIEJA RENE; how are you feeling this week? You must be in the second trimester by now, or very close! When is your next appt or u/s? SARAH; how's week 31 going for you? HopefulK, Siren, madison & Stephva - hope you're all well and looking forward to hearing how you're going - {{hugs}} to all! JuJu


HopefulK - February 7

Yay a new thread, thanks JUJU that is fab. Great to hear your doing so well and have such a positive att_tude to all this. I'm sure your little one is benefiting from it. Well, introductions I'm a sporadic poster, but an avid reader (actually I may be addicted think I check every day.... eeck! is there a support group?). So about me, I lost my daughter to neonatal death after 7 hours of life, when I went into preterm labour due to infection at 28 weeks in Nov '05. I then got pregnant again the following Feb and had a d&c after blighted ovum was diagnosed at 9/10 weeks in March/Apr '06. Got pregnant again in July '06 and am now 29 weeks. Had a scan yesterday and they say all is well and baby is measuring right on target. They confirmed again that we have a boy, I'm thinking of either Logan or Luc (luke) for the name and I suspect the dr's are thinking of c-s for me as well. I mentioned I wanted a natural birth if possible yesterday and they kinda brushed it off and said don't worry about it for now. They said if the baby (who is transverse cos I also have a heart shaped uterus, yep it never ends) stays breach they probably wouldn't try and turn him because with my history they don't want to faff about with me. Then silence, so I kinda guess they think the natural birth is all up to this little guy. Anyway, I'm going now, sorry to blether. Looking forward to updates from the gang. Are we waiting on any bfp's??? I love hearing about those as I am also a poas a holic! xx


ashanti - February 7

well i have an appointment on thursday to find out about the G/D so i'm praying for good news. however that would still leave me wondering why is this baby so big if it's not diabetes. anyway juju our coinsidences just wont go away huh...a gorl for you too! that's great. are you buying lots of pink? i am i looked at my little ones clothes the other day and realized nearly everything i've purchased is pink. so now i have to shop a little more to buy other colors. also i am finding myself spending alot more than i expected because when i buy for the baby i buy for my other three kids as well so they don't feel left out or neglected. does anyone thing that is harmful behavior? i mean should i buy them all when only one is in need? i do the same thing on birthdays i buy for all of them instead of just the birthday child. anyways i'm finally seeing the Doc. every two weeks, way back when i would have loved so much medical attention, now that everything is coming to a close going to the clinic so much is sometimes annoying to me. but i go anyway to ensure the health of my baby. the docs are refusing anymore ultrasounds for me since my twentieth week because they don't predict any problems, but i am a little concerned about the position of the baby just incase i go into labor outside of the hospital i don't want to be caught off gaurd by breech birth. that was the reason for my c-section both my twins were breeched. does anyone know at what stage in pregnancy fetal movement slos down due to lack of space in the womb? my baby moves around so much it makes me naseaous. also my morning sickness seems to be back. so is the b___st soreness and the indegestion is a nightmare. anyone have any advice?


Diann - February 7

So all about me, eh......previously divorce happily rehitched. : )!!!!! I have a 15yr ds w/ autism linked w/ adhd and depression, 2 previous m/c one 8yrs ago and the recent one in may 06. Currently I'm 30 + wks with Baby Kael. ......... Beckybunny, sorry to hear about what is happened of late. But like Juju has said keep that boy close to you. Like you my ex wasn't the nicest of people, when i got pg w/ our first (not my ds) he told me to get rid of it (now days I'm glad i m/c). the relationship went down hill from there. his true colors came out, when he said he needed some space and was moving out for a bit, i inturn said i need a divorce and changed the locks on my house. Life has been fab ever since. I wish all the best for you! Hopefullk...l like both names. and like you i read all the time. .....well i'm not quite done my shopping but have the list and have enlisted my cousin (who should have been my sister cause we're so close) to a__sist me. my dh is still in that line of thought of the date you're due is the date the baby comes and not before that. I've tried to explain it doesn't happen that way but until my water brakes or something major like that happens he will conitnue w/ that thought. I have started to pack my bag for the hospital, okay it's gone from a nap sack to a suitcase. lol! also started with informing my mother and cousin about my wants and don't while in delivery cause i know that if i tell my dh he won't remember like the lil things....I HATE NEEDLES! i also have decided that there will be 3 in delivery w/ me...dh, my ma, and my cousin. i could have the entire family in the birthing room (just under 75 people) but as soon as his lil head was ready to make an appearance the rm would be cleared leaving behind only the 3 i want.. i WANT a natural birth but i guess it's really out of my hands until the next fetal a__sessment on the 20th. next appt i have with the ob dr is Valentine's i guess i'll have to wait to see what he says. take care


Diann - February 7

ashanti, the shopping thing...... I think it's sweet that you don't want the other children to be left out but........... they have to understand that the baby has nothing. personally i would from this point on make your purshases for only the baby. I would also buy a special gift for each child to be given to them after the baby's arrival from you and the baby. i think that is when you will find that there may be for conflict within the house for your time then now.


BeckyBunny - February 7

JuJu, Glad to hear you are doing well. Thank you for the kind words - I don't feel very strong sometimes, but things are looking up. I am happier now than I have been in a long while. HopefulK, GL! Hope your bub decides to come out the proper way. Ashanti - I wouldn't get equal amounts of stuff for all the kids, just something small to let them know they are not forgotten. My dad did that with us too - we would get an "unbirthday" gift. It's a good concept as long as you don't over-do it. Diann, thanks for the good wishes, and sounds like your DH needs a reality check! ;-) I hope everything continues to go well with you. I can't guarantee how often I will check in, but I will be sure to now and then! I wouldn't miss the arrival of all these angels. =)


Diann - February 7

okay so I need a liltlle help here. Diaper Bags! nothing major right? well my dh has up and discided that if i can't find a diaper bag that doesn't scream "LOOK AT ME" all lite up with voice over etc that he will be converting a rather large pain in the but Golf bag into a diaper bag. I find this to be quite funny but he's dead serious. any suggestions


BeckyBunny - February 7

Diann, if you sew or know anyone who does, there are diaper bag patterns and they are pretty simple to make once you find the right materials. If you don't have that option and can't find anything you like in stores, seriously, try Ebay. There are people that DO make custom diaper bags with various cartoon characters, etc, and sell them there - some of them you can even contact to have one custom made to your taste.


Beija Rene - February 7

Ladies - Today, I made 14 weeks. I went to see the RE for the last time and he said that everything looked great. So...I graduated. Tomorrow, I will be seeing a high risk ob/gyn. Lets see what he has to say.


JuJu - February 8

Hi everyone; well, my OB appt today went well, he's happy with how things are going. I have another u/s next week to have a look at what's going on with my placenta - accreta-wise. So looking forward to that. Still feeling pretty good, my only real complaints are some hip soreness when I'm sleeping sometimes and the tiredness is creeping in these days. BEIJA RENE; great news on your front!!! I think this calls for a little celebration for you tonight - you should treat yourself! We have to celebrate all the wins along the way with our pregnancies - and your all-clear is a biggie! Won't be able to post to everyone today - too many domestic duties are calling! Hugs to everyone, JuJu


siren1471 - February 8

About me....I live in freezing Iowa...I have a DH & a 8 year old step DD. (My step DD lives with us full time & her birth mother has nothing to do with her. I am her mom & do not consider her a step DD.) I had a m/c in March of 2006, I was 10 weeks along. Got pregnant again in October and now am almost 20 weeks!!!! I am due July 2. I have felt the baby for the last couple of days...what an amazing feeling!! We go for an u/s on the 17th to find out the s_x...only a week to go...yay!! Like some of the rest of you, I read daily but don't always have time to post. JuJu,I'm glad to hear you last appt went well! You're getting so close!! Beija Rene, YAY!! you made it to the 2nd trimester!! Congrats! BeckyBunny,I am sorry you are going through so much. I was in an abusive relationship before also. I know how you feel but you are obviously a strong woman & you will find the happiness you are looking for. Never settle for less than you deserve. Good luck & keep in touch. Diann, sounds like you are trying to get everything ready in time for the baby. I know how you feel about DH, mine is the same way. My boss was too. I needed to hire a person to take over my position while I am gone on maternity leave and my boss didn't understand why I needed to get that now now....ummm....hello!!!! Men!! HopefulK, glad to hear everything is right on target. I like your names you have picked also. I think boys names are so much harder to pick out. Ashanti, I hope all goes well with your appointment. About the gifts, I do not think it is necesary to buy gifts for your other children. I think it is a part of life to realize that their sibblings will have different things at differnt times & that's ok. I do like the idea of buying them something special when the baby is born to give to them from the baby & you. On a funny note...I was randomly picked at work for a drug test. I told my supervisor...I haven't even had a beer in 5 months...let alone been doing drugs...not that I would be any way..LOL I guess I have rambled long enough. Stay well & warm's hard to stay warm here, it's been below 0 everyday for about 2 weeks. It is going to get up to 16 tomorrow...heat wave!!


Beija Rene - February 8

Ladies - Today, I went to see the high risk ob/gyn. As I said before, I was referred by my RE to the high risk ob/gyn. I love my RE but I am not sure how comfortable I feel with the new doctor. The truth is that I did not feel very comfortable with him. I found him to be too rough around the edges. He made couple of comments that I found to be a little insensitive. I always say that it is not what you say is how you say it. I do not think he knows how to say things in a sensitive way. I also felt like a cow in a cattle ranch rather than a human, a patient and/or a person. My significant other was there with me. He wanted to attend the meeting with the doctor because it was our first meeting with the high risk ob/gyn and we were going to discuss the amnio test. When I asked the doctor about doing the nuchal fold scan before considering the amnio test, he stated that it was too late for me to do the nuchal fold scan. Apparently I was supposed to do it couple of days ago and I missed my window of opportunity. The nuchal fold scan can only be done till the 13 weeks and six days maximum. I did not know this. I wish I would have been more informed and on top of my business. The new doctor wants to do the amnio test, next week, when I am about 15 weeks pregnant and this also seems to me to be a little premature. I understand that the amio test is usually performed between the 16 and the 18 week. Doing an amnio test at week 15 seems too early. Tonight, I am going to discuss our options with, my significant other, Tim. However, I would like to have some feedback. By the way, my sister of 35 years old is pregnant and she declined the amnio test. One of my best friends has a nine month old baby and she also declined the amno test. Miri, on the other hand and another friend, has a nine month old baby girl. She did get an amnio and nothing happened. Staci, another friend is about to have a baby girl on 2/23/2007. She also did the amnio test and nothing happened. What should I do? Any comments? Feedback? Does it hurt? One good thing did come out from this meeting and made me feel much better. After getting the regular ultrasound and the 3D ultrasound, the doctor reviewed the information from the scanning machine and the reports. He responded to the information by stating that the baby was beautiful. His comment put a smile in my face.


Beija Rene - February 8

Ladies - I forgot to introduced myself. I am a childless 37 years old with a childless 43 years old significant other. I am originally from Puerto Rico but living in New Orleans, Louisiana since I was 18 years old. The college life brought me to New Orleans. I experienced my first miscarriage and D&C on February 2006, a second miscarriage and D&C on June 2006 and a chemical pregnancy on August 2006. All three losses under the care and supervision of my previous and incompetent ob/gyn. She was clueless. It was not till I stop seeing her and began seeing my RE that good things, in my reproductive life, began to happened for me. I got pregnant for the fourth time on November 2006, two months after I began seeing my RE. It was him who discovered that I had everything going against me and my pregnancy. He found me to have low levels of progesterone, a lazy thyroid, a weakened pelvic floor and/or poor uterine support and poor levels of blood flow in my uterus. Thanks to him, high dosis of progesterone and bed rest for two months, I am now 14 weeks pregnant very hopeful and cautiously happy.


Beija Rene - February 8

Juju - Since I am very curious and enjoy learning, I was reading about placenta accreta. Did you have bleeding during your first trimester? When did your doctor tell you that you had a placenta accreta? How deep is your placenta embeded in your uterus? Can you have a v____al delivery or do you have to have a C-section? Again, when are you due? I am going to miss you. Stay positive. You seem to be a very good hands. Everything will go well. I am sure.


ashanti - February 9

beija- oh my god girl i'm from new orleans, originally though. i landed in irving texas after katrina hit though. are you currently in new orleans? if you are how is everything, i havent been able to go back since the storm. i was living in algiers on the westbank(if you know the area). i feel so alone here especially now that i'm getting ready to have a baby. i mean i have my loving husband three kids and my dog but in new orleans we had so much more help. everything is alot closer as far as clinics and stores and evrything like that. texas is so big i feel like a needle...well enough about me. abig hello to everyone. by the way my gestational diabetes test came back normal, so i guess my baby is just a big one. seems like everyone here is doing great too. well gotta go ladies but prayers to you and your little ones.


Jairia - February 9

Finally found time to post again. Well, we're currently on our 2nd round of 100mg Clomid w/1500mg Glucophage. I ovulated last time around with this remedy, so my doc. wants me to try again. I'm currently on CD 14 which means DH and I have to be close for the next few days even if we don't necessarily want to. LOL...we just make a joke out of it. I miscarried in March '06. If we fall pregnant this month, the due date would be close to the due date of the first pregnancy in Nov. I'm not going to get my hopes up. I'm just trying to have a positive outlook. My doc. seems to think that it will happen soon. So, I choose to find the positive in the process. Ashanti, you're very close. I grew up in Arlington,TX and now live in Keller. It's good to hear that you all are doing well.



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