Passing Blood Clots After D Amp C

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cubbie - February 26

Hi, I had my d&c 2 weeks ago - no hb at 15 weeks, anyway i had a few days of heavyish bleeding, then almost no bleeding for a few days then it started to get heavier again and today all of a sudden I started passing loads of blood clots this lasted about 15 minutes (sorry if tmi) and for all this time they were just pouring out of me. I called my obgyn who told me to come straight to him, he did a us and showed me that my womb looks really clean and healthy and to with no pieces of the fetus in, but still one area with blood and that I should expect to bleed another 7 to 10 days, since then the bleeding has got very light again. Has anyone experienced this? would you get a 2nd opinion?


AllieP. - February 26

Cubbie- I'm sorry for you loss and having to go through a D&C. I went through two D&C's one at seven weeks and one at eight weeks. I wasn't as far along as you but i only bled a couple days the first one but more than three weeks the second time around and the doctor said it was normal. As long as he did an u/s and said everything looked good i think you are fine. If the bleeding persists after the time he said I would call him back though just to be sure. But it sounds like all is normal.


cubbie - February 27

AllieP sorry for you losses and thank you for your reply, he wants me to come to him in another week anyway to do another us and to start to talk about how we progress with testing etc


AllieP. - February 27

its been tough for me and i'm in the process of seeing an RE to hopefully get whatever issue i have fixed. I think its great your doc is going to do another u/s in a week. Plus it will ease your mind. Did he send the tissue from the D&C out for testing? Hopefully you''ll be able to get some answers as to why you m/c'ed. Good luck!


sammyky - February 27

I did not have a D&C, I used Cytotec and I thought everything came out this weekend while using the cytotec v____ally. However, while I was treating a patient yesterday, I ran to the bathroom to found I'd soaked my pants in blood. When I sat down on the toilet, 2 golf-ball sized clots came out. That was the scariest thing I'd ever had happen. DH thinks it was probably placenta but I'll ask the MD tomorrow so I can let others know. When they said you will pa__s clots, they were UNDERSTATING it. How can so much come out of such a tiny uterus? I was 13 weeks.


claire1985 - February 27

hi so sorry to hear what you've been through. I had a d & c after a missed m/c at 11 weeks , had hardly any bleeding the few days after and then very heavy bleeding, with very large clots( i thought something was seriously wrong) . I rang nhs direct and their oncall gyn said to go to hospital to make sure the clots did not contain any tissues . Luckilly there wasnt but i had to had another 2 anti- biotic's because he said there was a slight infection. So being on 3 different anti- biotics the clots stopped the next day and the bleeding another week. So all in all i was bleeding almost 2 weeks. I hope yours stops soon, because its the last thing you really want after whats happened. Take care


BeckyBunny - February 27

I had that happen, my doc told me my uterus wouldn't empty properly, it kept filling up with blood, which clotted. It was nasty. She put me on some kind of medication to make me stop bleeding.


cubbie - February 28

Thank you to all of you - and sorry for all your losses. I had a late mc at 21 weeks 2 years ago and did blood clott testing which came back neg, and they a__sumed that it would not happen again. i did not test the tissue, but he wants me to bring him all my papers to see what was covered and what we can do now - I know he wants me to get my womb looked at with a camera inside, but I can't do that until i've had a period. Baby dust to us all!


sofy0021 - May 21

I had My D&C last week Friday, I was 7Weeks and 6Days long I went to my routine check up at 11 weeks and had an ultrasound their was no longer a heartbeat. After my D&C Friday I had little to no bleeding, Saturday came along and also little to none , BUT, SUNDAY, MONDAY & TODAY (TUESDAY) I AM HAVING HORRIBLE CRAMPS AND HUGE BLOOD CLOTS APROX. HALF DOLLAR SIZE I've called my doctor and he prescribed me some medicine that suppose to help for them and the pain. So I'll post later on how it goes. && also sorry for the (tmi) but, we're all Ladies/Woman we know it happens..


meaganberner94 - July 2

Im so sorry for all your losses. I started spotting at 9 weeks called the dr they said i was fine, went in for my 10 week checkup nd they said there was no heartbeat.. had a d&c done a day later continued to spot fora week after went in for a checkup a week later nd my obgyn said i was healing fine nd then 2 days later i started gushing blood filling up pads in 2 or 3 min.. so i put in a tampon nd was having to change super plus tampons every 10min. Called my dr nd he sent me some medication he said wld stop the bleeding im in severe pain and now im pa__sing huge golf ball size blood clots so i called bak and all they had to say was finish the six pills we gave u nd it shld stop.. do u think i shld go to the er im only 19 nd ive been spotting/bleeding for almost a month and im freaking out Help please i need advise



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