PCOS And Miscarriage Please Help

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HW - May 21

Has anyone been suspected or diagnosed with PCOS and had a miscarriage? I can't find good information on this, but really need to find something out. I am scared to try again until I know more information! I got pregnant this first time without being on medication.


hc - May 21

the same happened to me in january.but u should try again,i was given the go ahead to try


HW - May 21

Hey HC, I was wondering if you had to be put on medication when you got pregnant the first time. I had been taking metformin for a week when I found out I was pg. How long were you told to wait before trying again? I am so glad I'm not alone in this....we should keep each other posted.


Nik - May 22

Hi HW! I have PCOS. I have had 2 MC. One in 1998 and one Feb 2005. I have had 3 children in between and was on infertility shots with my 2nd pregnancy resulting with my first born child. I also took extra progesterone suppositories as a luteal phase defect is very common in PCO patients. I became pregnant with my 2nd and 3rd child on my own, and took the progesterone. No problems. However, 2 yrs after my 3rd, we tried for a fourth but couldn't get pregnant after nearly a year. My doc put me on Metformin. The second month I took the med I became pregnant but mc at 8 wks.- the baby had a slow heartbeat and died. My doctor advised me to continue the metformin and also take 1 (81mg) baby asprin a day to prevent blood clots and RH problems when we try again. Surpisingly, I became pregnant before my cycle started after the mc and I am 12 wks pregnant. I stopped Metformin and progesterone at 12 wks but continue the baby asprin for the remainder of the pregnancy. Therefore, you can carry a baby to term with PCO syndrome. I would discuss with your doctor taking progesterone suppositories v____ally and possibly trying the asprin therapy when you try again.! It worked for me! Good Luck!!!


HW - May 22

HI Nik! Thank you so much for that information and congrats on your pregnancy! It seemed like my doc was hesitating to put me on the progesterone...he doesn't think I have hormonal imbalance. I think I should take them just in case....what do you think? Also, what were the infertility shots you were on? We can't do too much in the way of infertility because our insurance doesn't cover it =(. The good thing is that we got pg within 4-5 last time. Thanks again....take care of yourself =)


amy - May 23

i was just worndering if weight has anything to do with pcos cause it seems if i gain to much weight i have irregular cycles


HW - May 23

Amy, from what I know about PCOS it helps to loose weight if you are trying to get pregnant. I have heard that if you are in better shape you will begin ovulating more frequently. That is why I just got back inside from my walk =)


HW - May 23

Oops....I meant to say "lose" weight.


amy - May 23

thanks i guess i knew that but thought i would ask i have been losing weight i went from 280 to 220 but still need to keep going thanks


NIK - May 24

Hi HW! I took Gonal-F shots and Profasi shot to acheive my first pregnancy. I was lucky to have insurance at that time because I know how expensive it was. I'm so very happy I conceived the other pregnancies without it since I no longer carry that insurance. Another fertility drug to try is Clomid. It's a pill you take at the begining of your cycle to stimulate ovulation. It is inexpensive too. I know several ladies with PCO that acheived pregnancies on that. I was about to start Clomid and Metformin together before I became pregnant this time. Regarding the progesterone. You should have your doctor check your levels the next time you are pregnant. My doc's prescribe extra progesterone for levels under 14. Mine was 12.9 for this pregnancy, but I knew from my past I needed it regardless. You cannot have too much progesterone in your system. I know I will miscarry without it--- I didn't have it with my first pregnancy because my doctor wouldn't check my levels or prescribe it and I lost the baby (I do not see that doctor anymore). It's your body and baby and you need to find a doctor that will do what you think is best! I wish you all the luck! Stay on the Metformin, it does promote ovulation and help prevent miscarriage with us PCOS patients!!!!


akia - July 8

Hi! im pcos patient and been trying to concieve for 2 yrs now.. But God is good, im 6 wks pregrant after i lose weight for 10 lbs. I've been taking Metformin since then and my OBgyne advised me to continue it with duphaston, aspirin even prednison. Good Luck to u!!!



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