Perinatologist Expert In MTHFR In San Francisco

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maura - February 12

New to this forum. 3 miscarriages. Found MTHFR mutation after the second. Feen on folate and many other supplements to regulate homocystine prescribed by a naturopath. No luck last pregnancy. Looking for a perinatologist or hematologist who is an expert in dealing with the MTHFR mutation in San Francisco or the Bay Area. Have not tried Lovonox or asprin. Always get subchorionic hematomas when pregnant. Thanks for any help!


stefkay - February 12

Hi maura, I'm not sure about specialists in your area (an internet search may help, but it's hard to find anyone at all who is an "expert" in this). Did you have high homocysteine levels when they were checked? Mine were never elevated but my dr. put me on the full protocol anyways and I'm glad he did. It sounds like you are on all the supplements (folic, Bvitamins, etc.) and all that a dr. would do is tell you to take the baby aspirin (pretty important) and the lovenox, oh...and also progesterone. Those last 3 things which you haven't done yet are really important so if you can just find a dr. who is willing to prescribe the prometrium and blood thinners you should be fine. Are you homozygous or heterozygous MTHFR?


maura - February 13

stefkay, thanks for your response. i am homozygous mthfr and been on herbal progesterone drops. my homocystine levels have been normal as well. is there a big difference in being hetero or homozygous in successful treatment with lovenox? have you been able to have a baby with this treatment? thanks, maura


stefkay - February 13

maura, normally those with homozygous MTHFR are always put on blood thinners as it is more problematic than heterozygous. My dr. just let me do the shots anyways because he said lovenox is low risk. I am hterozygous. From most of the reading I've done, I have rarely found anyone hetero or homo with raised homocysteine levels so I am NOT convinced that that makes a difference. Again, I'm no dr. but I also don't think that doctors know everything there is to know about this mutation yet. Luckily mine was willing to put me on them because I had 6 miscarriages--3 at around 6-8 weeks and then 3 chemical pregnancies (early losses around 4-5 weeks). I am currently almost 20 weeks pregnant and this is the first time I've done the prometrium and lovenox shots. I don't know if it helped or not, but at the point I was at I wanted to just try everything and see if something stuck, ha ha :) It sounds like you need someone who knows about this and will treat you with more than herbal progesterone drops. I really think prometrium is the way to go as it acts just like the body's natural progesterone. Good luck to you!



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