Period After Birth

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Brandi - October 25

For those of you that gave birth how long did you have to wait before your period started its been just about 7 weeks for me and nothing


Lilu - October 25

I got my period at almost 6 weeks. They say 6 to 8 weeks you'll get your cycle so you still have some time. Call the doc by the end of 8 weeks to make sure.


A - October 25

Brandi = do you mean birth or m/c?


Lilu - October 26

BTW... I had a stillbirth at 34 1/2.


Brandi - October 26

Mine came at 5 weeks. Like Lilu said, up to 8 is pretty normal. After that, your doctor can presribe meds to get it started.


Tanya - October 26

Oops. I put your name in the there. Previous post was from me. Take care!


Brandi - October 26

A- I mean birth I gave birth to my dead baby. Took 15 hours


Brandi - October 26

Lilu- I am so sorry to hear what happened to you. Sadly I can say that I understand even though I wasn't quite as far as you were. I must say though that I have had 4 losses now and this one was by far the hardest. I think that it was having to go through the whole labor process and seeing my babies little lifeless body after she came out. I try to have hope for future children but it a hard thing to do..


Lilu - October 26

Yes Brandy, it's hard to have hope but you just have to. I think it's hope that keeps you going ya know? Did they know the cause of your baby's death? They couldn't find a cause so it's unknown, she was a healthy baby. So I'm trying to look at it positively as I can and think... hopefully my next pregnancy will result to a crying baby at the end. Good luck to you:)


Brandi - October 26

They couldn't tell me an exact cause either. I was told that were was an indication that there was some sort of blood flow problem around the placenta and genetically my baby was a boy but physically looked like a girl. They won't say that that's the reason my baby's little heart stopped because they said that hundreds of babies are born like that and they live healty happy lives.


Lilu - October 26

What do you mean, physically looked like a girl? His little pee pee wasn't developed yet? I'm sorry for your loss. Are you trying again as soon as you get the ok? I lost my daughter in August and we're trying again.


brandi - October 26

Lilu I mean physcially something wasn't developing correctly looking at the baby she looked like a girl but when they did the chromosome tests baby was a boy. I lost my baby early September and we want to try again but I still haven't recieved my period.


A - October 26

Brandi -- so sorry for your loss. I could only imagine how hard it would be to give birth to a dead baby. I am about to cry just thinking about it. I m/c at 12 weeks and thought that was hard. ~ It might take your body a little longer to regulate since I a__sume you were fairly far along (can't find a post that said how far you were...). With my first baby it took almost 9 months to get a period and then they were irregular for a few months. I would defnitely talk to your doctor -- they can give you something to start a period and try to regulate you soon. ~ God bless you... I wish I could take away your pain -- I could only imagine! Lots of hugs and good thoughts and prayers for your next baby! xoxoxo


brandi - October 26

A- Thank you for your kind words I was 18 weeks along when I had my baby. After having lost 4 with no live children I try with everything I have in me to have hope that one day I will be blessed with my little miracle but sometimes that seems impossible. I have to catch myself when I begin to become hateful toward people that have children that really don't deserve them because they aren't being taken care of. If you ask me it really isn't fair that there are people like me you and the rest of the women on this website that are yearning to have our own little bundle of joy but then there are other people that have abortions because it's just not the right time in their life and these little 15 and 16 year old girls that think that abortion is a form of birth control for them. I know that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger but come on now I think that if I gain much more "strength" pretty soon I'm going to be wonder woman.


A - October 27

Brandi - It is so hard not to be completely p__ssed at the world. I know I seriously damaged a friendship with a girl that got pregnant at the same time I did... "we were having the babies together" kind of thing. I just couldn't deal with her for a few months after. I finally woke up -- I believe in karma to a certain extent and believe the energy you project on others will come back on you full force. Don't get me wrong.. I cried everytime I saw a pregnant woman for weeks and months after my m/c!! It was heart breaking to go to the hospital and see her baby, that has already arrived! It was hard.. I also had a husband I was p__sed at for a while because he would tell me I have to believe that it wasn't meant to be.., trust in God (which I do.. but it doesn't mean I have to like all his decisions!) and to move on. Being told all this.. just made me angrier... Oh, and my feels about abortion completely changed. I never would have had one myself for religious reasons, but I have always tried not to judge others.. now, I have major issues with woman that use this as birth control (I do think there are some situations that are justifiable..). Unfortunately, what you learn with a m/c is life is unfair and life goes on.. and that has been a hard lesson for me to swallow! ~ It sounds like you are staying positive and staying strong however.. I think that is half the battle. Keep us posted.. I wish you lots of baby dust and good thoughts! :)


Tanya - October 27

Brandi, I have more time to write this morning. Again, I want to say how sorry I am. I know exactly where your coming from. I lost my baby boy at 17 weeks in Aug. After weeks of bleeding for no obvious reason, my water broke. He seemed perfect to me. I have felt such guilt thinking my body gave up on him because that same morning I seen his heart beat. This seems so unfair, painful and unbelievably hard for all of us. I prayed for weeks for God to show me how to deal with this, and I still pray daily. I understand your feelings toward others. My sis-n-law just had a baby and my husband's 18 yr old cousin has the same due date in Jan as me. I dread the family holidays to be honest. We are now trying again after 2nd period. There are days when I'm hopeful and excited about conceiving again, and there are other days when this all seems so overwhelming and difficult that I don't know if I want to face the possibility of losing another one. But I'm trying to move forward. It is definitely a day by day process, sometimes a moment by moment. I pray you'll find renewed strength and hope and one day you'll hold your little miracle you've waited so long for.



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