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Melissa - November 23

My doctor was right on target when he said you should get your period in about 4 weeks. I just got it, and it is exactly 4 Wednesdays ago that I had the D&C. I look at this as a milestone as I was told to wait at least one period before trying again. I am just hoping it is an actual period, as the bleeding seems light (not in color, but in terms of flow). I truly do not know my body anymore! Everything since the miscarriage just seems so out of whack and confusing almost as if it is a seperate ent_ty. I just so desperately want to be pregnant again.


Carla - November 23

Hello melissa , I had my d & c almost 6 weeks ago and still no period, I desperatly want to be pregnant again and we are also waiting one cycle before ttc again, I just wish i would get it already, my doctor told me 4-6 weeks till i get my period, we started having s_x again 2 weeks after the d & c but we just used the withdrawl method so i guess their is a slight chance i could be pregnant again but ii doubt it since we used that method for years and never got pregnant...then just this past july we decided to try and have a baby and we got pregnant right away but then i had found out the baby had no heartbeat at 8 weeks


Melissa - November 23

Carla, I am really sorry that your efforts have not worked out so far. I know the pain of a miscarriage and all the worries, confusion, sadness and anxiety of all that follows. I am still actively going through this whole process. Although I want to get pregnant again ASAP, I also understand that the body needs time to heal even though I feel fine physically. The wait seems like forever. When I went in for my follow up just last week, he showed me on the sonogram screen just how thin the utrrus lining was and warned me against becoming pregnant too soon. He said wait at least one period but he would prefer I wait two periods and start TTC after the holidays. It feels like forever, but the holiday season usually goes fast, so I think I can wait it out. If I don't, and become pregnant again, I know that I will be worried that I didnt wait long enough and who needs one more thing to worry about? I just checked again, and it almost seems as if the flow completely stopped. See what I mean about my body becoming a total mystery to me? Now I have no idea if I am getting my period or if this is just spotting. This whole thing has been such a nightmare!


carla - November 23

Hi melissa, I hear you completley, I just want my period already ya know lol I want to be preggo again too! I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving and hopefully we will both be pregnant again dust to you xoxo


BernieB - November 23

Ladies, I am sorry for your losses. I too went through the pain of a miscarriage in mid september. It took 8 weeks for AF to arrive. That was two weeks ago, so hubby and I have been trying again for a baby. I feel a lot better now, but during the 8 week wait for AF, I was teary and had cramps almost every day. I have started to use OPK, but unfortunately I think I tested too late. It's now two years exactly since we started TTC. Hoping to be pregnant before the 'due' date of the baby we lost. My sister-in-law is due then and all is going well for her, so that is hard to deal with. I'm keeping positive and praying for all others to get pregnant again soon too. All the best :)


Allison - November 27

I had a d&c on July 29..I got my period 4.5 weeks after. I had never been so happy to see it in my life! My cycles have been a little erratic, but I am thankful that atleast I am getting them and my body has healed itself. We are TTC again! Good luck!


Allison - November 27

I also meant to add that my first period was also a little out of whack.. somewhat light compared to what I thought it would have been. I would a__sume the spotting is your period.



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