Period AFTER Pregnancy Loss WHEN

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Patreasa - January 7

Hello Ladies. I have another question. I gave birth to my angel daughter on Dec 28th. I was 22 weeks. I have been bleeding for about a week and a half already. My question is How long did any of you bleed after your loss or oafter you gave birth, and when did AF decide to come back? I have always been fairly regular, and I am wondering when my cycles will get back to normal. I am so sick and tired of seeing all of this blood. I was told the bleding may last as long as 6 weeks, but i wasn't even full term, so how can that be? Any ladies with some answers, please fell free to respond. Thank you ^j^


C - January 8

did your baby survived or no? sorry to ask, because i dont' like seeing women who loses their babies:( they dont deserve that


Patreasa - January 8

My baby died an hour after she was born.


C - January 8

Oh dear i'm so so sorry to hear=(, that's such a tragedy news. Are you planning to conceive again?


K - January 8

Patresasa, hi I'm sorry for your loss, I too lost my daughter in November. She lived only 7 hours and it was an infection she contracted in the womb that killed her. If it helps I bled for bwt a wk and a half after labour, then stopped then had what I thought was my af exactly 1 calander mth after I gave birth, bled for 5 days'ish', not a bad one some clots, few cramps etc. Now nothing, but didn't ov this month (would be my 2nd cycle). Now am feeling really sick every day (2 neg pg tests so don't think its that, though they were bt over the net). I know my hormones are still up the wall. My dr advised us to wait 3 cycles till we ttc again, but if I ov nxt mth I'll probably try again. Hope your feeling a little better than you did. My friend who lost a baby told me to stop aiming for normal and go for bearable and that's worked for me. Hope it does for you too. Good luck, let me know when you get back to normal, here's hoping we both do soon. xx


Adrienne - January 10

I'm so sorry. I gave birth to my daughter on Dec 16th at 23 weeks. She was only just alive and died straight away. I know what you mean about tired of all the blood. I had been bleeding for a week before that, which is what caused it we think. I bled after for about 2 1/2-3 weeks, but trailing off. It's been nearly 4 weeks, no period yet but think I ov yesterday. Waiting to see. K's comment about bearable is good. I'm certainly not my normal self but managing. Having things to do and look forward to helps.


Patreasa - January 10

Thank you ladies for your answers. My bleeding has stopped, and I guess I"ll just have to wait and see. I'm just so anxious to start again. I feel so empty without my daughter. She made me feel like I had a purpose in this life, and now I need to feel that way again. I have my husband, and i love him, but there's something about being a mother that left me fulfilled.....i want that again..



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