Period And Ovulating After Delivering A Baby At 18 5 Weeks

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Tara - December 7

I was induced into labor to deliver my daughter rather then an D&E. I was wondering if anyone else went throgh the same. I delivered the placenta with the sac everything came out, but Im still bleeding brownish blood and its been two weeks. How long did it take you to get a period or notice you were ovulating. I guess these questions would be answered better in a post partum group, but since my baby died I don't feel comfortable asking them. Besides who tracks thier ovulation after giving birth to a healthy baby. Im just looking for anyone that started tracking after a loss with natural birth.


Tanya - December 7

Tara, first I want to say how sorry I am for your loss. I read your postings w/ Cabbie and some of the other girls. Your story of Treya just breaks my heart. I lost my little boy at 17 weeks in Aug. My water broke after several weeks of bleeding. I was induced for labor, and his heart beat stopped during delivery. I know how terribly difficult this is for you right now. He was our 3rd child. I also look at his pictures taken at the hospital and think how beautiful and perfect he seemed. We decided to try again right away too. My first period came just 4 1/2 weeks after delivery, and I believe ovulation right in the middle of my cycle, but I had a lot of bleeding and almost continuous spotting the first month. I was also having severe afterpains and backaches, so I decided to wait until after my 2nd period to ttc again. I wanted to go through one normal cycle. My periods & ovulation have been pretty regular. I've read that it can take 2-3 cycles for ovulation to be healthy though. I am now on my 4th cycle, 3rd month ttc. Last month I used ovulation tests and they seemed to help. A lot of women here use them, along with the temping method. I hope you are able to conceive soon. Each month that pa__ses seems like forever, I know. I'm thinking of you and wishing you well. If you need to talk, please let me know. I'd be happy to give you my email address. Best wishes.


Heather - December 11

Hi Tara, i also lost a baby girl at 17.5 weeks in August i bled for about a week and a half it took about 6 weeks before i got my first period which was very traumatic for me as it reminded me of the labour my period seem to be back to normal but i really hate getting them now i have no children and this was my second lose so every period that i get reminds me of everything that happened. I haven't been been checking my ovulation as i im trying not to think about getting pg and then maybe it will happen we've been trying since September. I wish you all the very best Tara


brandi - December 11

Tara- I lost my little girl at 18 weeks on Sept 8, 2005. I to chose to have labor induced rather then a D&E I just couldn't bare the fact that they told me that with a D&E she would come out in pieces. I also delivered everything all at once dr actually seemed a little shcoked. Did you see or hold your little angle? I looked at my beautiful daughter but could not bring myself to hold her. It took me almost three months before I got my first period and I bled for a couple weeks after delivery. I don't know when you lost your little angle but to top off the grief and pure devestation I began lactating which no one warned me about. It's been a little over three months for me now and I will be getting a ring that bares my daughters birth stone so that I will always remember and think of her everytime I see it.


Tanya - December 12

Heather & Brandi, I'm so sorry for your losses as well. Do you mind if I ask what happened? Do you know what caused your losses at 17.5 & 18 wks? I'm just curious. We weren't able to find the cause of my bleeding which caused my water to break. We're hoping it was a random event as the doctor said, but I've been concerned about future pregnancies. I've read that most 2nd trimester losses are maternal reasons. I wasn't tested for anything. So I'm left without knowing what happened but hopeful the next pregnancy should be healthy. Tara, I think the ring is a wonderful idea. I'm wishing you all healing both physically & emotionally. I know the pain will never completely go away, but hopefully it will be easier for us all soon. Take care.


Nikki - December 12

To all of you I am am so sorry to hear about all of your losses I was 18 weeks pg when my baby's heart stopped beating but did'nt find out till I was 19 weeks and I had to be induced. I gave birth to a baby boy he was perfect in every way and I call him my angel too. I could not bring myself to see or hold him i think that was for the best at the time but I still have pictures that I can see when I am ready. it has been a little over 6 months since he died and my bleeding did'nt stop for 2 weeks and I got brownish blood too but I think that is normal but if you are worried go and see your GP. My periods went back to normal and the post mortam results come back normal sometimes when this happens it is for no reason it is just natural and medically unexplainable and with next pregnacy's does not mean it will happen again. I fell pregnant in October but unfortunatly had a m/c at 6 weeks I just think my body might not be quite ready yet and I was due my son in October so it might of been the upset ans stress from that too. I know what you have all been through is the most horrendous thing life can throw at you but believe me even though it might not seem like it now but it does get easier I know you will never forget your babies but the pain side will fade in time and a treasured memorie left in its place. I wish you all the best of luck in the future.


Heather - December 13

Hi Tanya, You asked did i know what happened my little girl. At 14 week i went in for a routine scan and they told me there was something wrong they said she had a cyctic higroma which is seen in genetic disorder such as Turner syndrome which only happens in girl but they said they would have to do test to be sure it took 3 days to find out it was Turner but they said because it was so early in the pg that there was a very high chance are baby would not make it they were right a week later we came in to talk over what we wanted to do either to continue or to terminate they said they would do a deep scan and there was no heart beat so the disition was taken out of are hand which im very grateful for. We got the result to check if it was genetic and thankfully they said it was random that sometime it just happens. Good luck & best wishes.


Tanya - December 13

Thanks Heather. I remember your story now from another thread. I'm sorry you went through the heartache of losing your baby girl. Thanks for the best wishes. I'm wishing the same for you. Nikki, thanks for sharing your story. I'm so sorry you had another recent loss. Somehow I think it helps us to hear from others even though it's terribly sad that any of us have to face this. I understand how hard the delivery was for you. I'm glad that I held my little one, but I know how difficult it was to make that decision. It did take me a few weeks to look at my pictures though. The thought seemed unbearable at first, but now I look at them all the time. It's a way to remember him I guess. I hope your ways of creating memories bring peace to you. Take care.



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