Periods After Miscarriage

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Norzum - March 3

yeah! I did ask my doc on feb 14 and she told me to wait. Although there is no possibility that I could be pregnant but still I had pregnancy test donetwice in lab and it was negative. Also, initially my doc told me to wait for 3 normal cycles before ttc. now i'm already late for my first period. u think i should still wait till 3 cycles or i can start ttc right after my first.


stacey - March 3

MISTY- not a problem am so happy for you!! Norzum -My doc. told me some ask you to wait that long, but it is not necessary. He recommends 1. It's so frustrating when you want to jump right back in isn't it? I would def. get a quantative test- to seewhat your levels are- possibly some tissue left from miscarriage that won't let your body go back to 0. Otherwise I have no idea! I am so sorry.


wondering - March 3

I feel silly to ask but I see ttc all over the place and I can't figure it out and I haven't heard of it before coming here. What does it mean?


stacey - March 3

trying to conceive- don't feel silly, there a lots of abbreviations I had trouble with too :)


wondering - March 3

lol, thank you, it took me a while to figure out af also:) I finally got that one though


Jenn - March 16

I had a d and c done on Feb 2 and I bled for 10 days. my doc told me to wait until 2 menstral cycles before we start ttc. I had one day of dark light spotting on Mar. 1 but nothing since. Could i be pregnanct that quick and if so do I have naythign to wory about?????????


stacey - March 16

it has been known to happen, but sometimes it takes 6 weeks (it did for me) to get a normal period. it all depends on how long it took for your hcg levels to reach 0.


Becky - April 5

I had a miscarriage in January and I got my first real period on Feb 27, 32 days after it. It is now April 5, and I am waiting on second one....does anyone know if this is normal that they are this far apart?


[email protected] - April 11

I miscarried in Feb. and my first period came on March 14th. I am on my sencond one rigfht now and it is really weird. All it is is pink cervical mucus. I am so confused by it. Hopefully yours starts soon so you can start to try to concieve again. Good Luck


elyse - April 11

Had my miscarriage on the 12th march no d& c i stopped bleeding about a week and a half after . just got my period today.Really painfull though.


Beth - April 11

I got my period 37 days after I m/c'd. Started out very light and then heavy with cramps and clots. Never thought I'd be so happy to see AF! It was like Christmas in April!


chrysti - April 11

my miscarriage was 5 weeks and 3 days ago, still no period. Maybe sometime this week.......


Chrysti - April 15

i got my first af at 6 weeks exactly.


lotstar - April 28

hello, can you help please... i had a miscarriage that started with light bleeding 10 days ago.. and it started bleeding properly 5 days ago.. now i have had cramping in the evenings... 2 of the nights i would say bad... very strong cramps.. and the painkillers weren't working... and now i have painful cramping today... is this amonut normal do you know? when will it stop!... i know that this is my body expeling things but should is be so painful, should i beleed so much and for so long?..


yankeeseamstress - May 3

I had a miscarriage 14 days ago but have been bleeding and spotting for 24 days total. I still have cramping. Has this happened to anyone and what was the outcome? I have been so tired the majority of each day. Am I having a period really close to the miscarry?


Milly - May 3

Hi- this is my first time here and reading about other people in my situation is rea__suring! I m/c 38 days ago and haven't had a period since. Last night, I got a really, really light bleed and am just wondering if this is normal? i'm dying to start trying again, just want to get my period and get back to normal!



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