Personal Experience After Miscarriage Amp TTC

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Rafia - May 16

Hi, I've been on this sight since I've had my miscarriage on Feb 4th. I just want to share my story with everyone so they can read and become more aware and perhaps even learn from what happened to me. On Feb 4th at my 12 week ultasound I found out that I had miscarried my baby who was at died at 10 weeks. My Dr. called me and provided me with three options 1) wait it out and miscarry naturally 2) D&C 3) A pill called Misoprostol. Options 1 & 2 were gently brushed off and option 3) was sort of forced upon me. My Dr said for option 1) to happen it could take up to 4 weeks. Option 2) would take about the same, as she wasn't sure when she'd be able to make an appointment for me. So option 3) was given to me. I was to take these pill the next morning, and insert them in. I was supposed to miscarry in 4 hours, so I just waited and waited until it happened. It took 7 hours to begin, I was in quite a lot of pain, and had to sit on the toilet for the most part as blood was just coming out (sorry didn't mean to gross you out). I was to the point where I almost fainted ! but nonetheless I survived. I went for my 2 week follow up with the Dr. She checked me and said that everything looked fine, she could feel the uterus and everything was getting back to normal. She wasn't even going to send me for an ultrasound...I insisted and then she sent me for one "for peace of mind"....Anyhow when I got the reports back low and behold there was Retained Material. My Dr called me back this point my bleeding had almost stopped and I thought I was going to have a proper D&C. But I did not...she numbed me with a needle (like the one's we get at the dentist) down there and manually sc__pped out the RM. Again I asked for another US and again she refused saying that what she could see was better than an US and that she sees that everything seemed to be cleaned out.So I went back to my family Dr. and asked for another US. Turns out that I wasn't homefree and that I had a big clot stuck! I was told to wait it out perhaps it would come out during my period and this is exactly what had happened so when I went for my 4th US everything was clear! So to get to the whole point 1) trust your instincts! 2) insist on a follow up US 3) and if you can wait on TTC then please wait!!! Get a clean bill of health before you ttc . I know I might be at one extreme and that there are many many women who get preg right after their miscarriage and have beautiful babies....but just to be on the safe side and to think that you've tried to ensure that you are healthly means a lot. That's all ladies...I wish you all the best and baby dust to all :)


jo - May 16

Thanks for sharing and I'm glad your persistence paid off. This web site has been so helpful to me and I'm so gratful all of you are so generous in sharing your experiences


Steff - May 16

I was also given "option 3" What a horrible experience it was. I never had a followup ultrasound. I did have a lot of "material" comeout well after the 2 days of inserting these pills. Even my first AF after mc had chunks in it. I have my annul physical comming up this month. I will bring this up. Thanks for sharing. baby dust


Rafia - May 16

HI Jo! Thanks for's just that some many women have posted things here...and I feel that they aren't getting the proper attention from their DR's ... I've learnt one thing from this whole sad experience that you have to take charge of your own health! I didn't even know that there was such a thing as Retained Material! Wish you all the best!



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